How to Get 1Password for Free!

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You know the saying. "Nothing in life is free." Fortunately for you, when password managers compete with one another, they definitely offer free services to entice you to try their software. 1Password has its own free offer.

You can try 1Password absolutely free for 30 days! That includes an individual account, family account, teams account, and even a business account. After that, if you don't like it, then you can simply go back to the way you managed passwords before. But we think you'll like it enough to keep it. 1Password's overall pricing is lower than the other password managers out there, and we really like its features.

Check out our comprehensive review of 1Password for more information.

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1Password Pricing

Head over to the 1Password website. From there you can take a virtual tour to find out just what is included with your free 30-day trial.

  • Either click on Get Started if you're on the homepage or Pricing from the top navigational bar.
  • Select the kind of 1Password account you wish to try for free.
  • Click on that account type.
1Password account name

This is the name that you want to call your account. In all likelihood, you'll want your 1Password team account name to be the name of your organization, unless you're getting multiple team accounts for different divisions.

If you're setting up a family account then go with your last name, e.g. "The Smiths."

  • Write your account name.
  • Write the email address that will manage the account.

Your email should be the email address for your company—one that most of the team has access to, for example—or the account for the person who will delegate the password sharing on 1Password.

1Password verification code

1Password will send you a 6-digit code to verify the email on your account.

  • Enter your 6-digit code.
  • Click Next.
1Password Free Account

You should now be redirected to your new 1Password account. Where you can:

  • Create custom groups
  • Manage team/family members
  • Import your passwords
  • Create new passwords
  • And more.

Be sure to download the 1Password apps across your devices and instruct your other members to do so as well. If you need help migrating passwords from LastPass to 1Password, then see our guide for more details. The guide will work for other password managers too.

When your free trial expires, you will not lose all of your saved passwords. You can still manage all your saved passwords on 1Password, but you will not be able to add new ones.

1Password allows you to download a file that you can export to a new password manager, should you decide to choose a different one.

Free trial extension

If you're really nice...we mean really nice...then try emailing the folks at 1Password to see if they would extend your trial for another month or so. They likely believe strongly enough in their product to let you try it some more!

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