How to Get 1Password on Chrome

To make Chrome an even more secure browsing experience.
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Many use Chrome because of its browsing security and intuitiveness across the many Google apps. Just using Chrome, however, will not prevent password attacks—particularly if you practice bad password habits like using the same password for each website.

Stop doing that and get yourself a password manager that will make it so you only have to remember one password, while still using a random, unique password for each site.

We recommend 1Password for use with Chrome. Check out our comprehensive review of 1Password to learn why!

Here's how to install and start using 1Password on Chrome.

1Password1Password ×1

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Chrome Browser Window

Open your Chrome browser.

Arrow to Google Web Store
  • At the top-left of your screen, click on Apps.
  • Click the small Web Store icon at the bottom-right of your apps screen.
1Password Extensions Chrome
  • Search for "1Password"

As of right now (October 2020), you'll see two options for 1Password extensions.

1Password X

This is the beta version of the 1Password browser extension. It's still safe and secure, but certain features may not have smoothed out completely or there may be an occasional bug. If you'd like to contribute to the future of 1Password, then hop aboard the beta adventure ship!

1Password extension

This is the official and full browser extension for Chrome. This one will not change and is recommended for those who are new to 1Password and password managers in general.

  • Choose which 1Password for Chrome browser extension you want.
Add 1Password to Chrome
  • Click on the desired 1Password extension.
  • Click Add to Chrome.

When the security warning pops up, select Add extension.

1Password Signin Chrome

We're assuming you've already created a 1Password account before this, but if you haven't then you should return to 1Password and create one.

Here you'll need to write:

  • The email you use for 1Password.
  • Your Secret Key.
1Password Secret Key

This is the key that 1Password gave you when you first created your account. It can be found on your 1Password Emergency Kit (see image below). - Your Master Password.

This is the password you created when you first set up 1Password. This is the one you use to activate 1Password while browsing and can also be found on your 1Password Emergency Kit.

1Password Emergency Kit
1Password ready on Chrome

Stay safe!

If you want to see some of the things that 1Password can do, check out our comprehensive review of 1Password.

We put the two password managers side by side for you!
Michael Michael (175)

...our results may surprise you! You might be thinking: 1Password versus NordPass? It's no contest! 1Password is huge, while NordPass is tiny! Well, it turns out we thought the same thing too.