How to Move in Blender

Stuck in Blender? Let’s get things moving!
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If you can’t seem to move in Blender, you might not be using the right technique. When it comes to free, open-source 3D-design tools, Blender is fairly flexible. That said, it helps to know exactly how to maneuver the way you want to while editing in order to streamline your workflow.

There are a few things that come to mind when most people refer to moving in Blender: moving the camera and moving an object. There are a few different ways the camera can be manipulated, so we’ll touch on all of them to cover the bases.

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Move Blender Camera

Moving the camera will keep your objects in place and change only the perspective you see while designing projects. In order to adjust the spatial positioning of the camera in Blender, you will need a mouse with a middle mouse button—like a scroll wheel, not the DPI adjustment button.

  1. Hover your cursor over the editing area.
  2. Hold Shift and click the Middle Mouse Button.
  3. Drag the plane around and release the mouse button to lock the camera into place.
Move Blender Object

If the camera is where you want it to be but the object you’re working on needs to be somewhere else, then you need to move the object.

  1. Left Click the object to select it.
  2. Press G.
  3. Move the object to your desired location.
  4. Left Click to place the object.

You can also use G + X, G + Y, or G + Z to move an object on a specific axis. Be sure to press the keys consecutively, do not hold G.

Blender Camera Rotate

The camera can be rotated around the center focal point. The spatial relationship between the camera position and objects will stay the same but you can look around using the rotate feature.

  1. Hover your cursor over the editing area.
  2. Hold down the Middle Mouse Button
  3. Drag the cursor around to rotate the camera perspective.
Blender Zoom Camera

If your camera is positioned just right but things are too big or small, you can use the zoom function. This one is really easy to use and definitely intuitive.

  1. Hover your cursor over the editing area.
  2. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.
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