Apple AirTag vs. Tile Mate: What Tracker Should You Choose

Find out which GPS tracker is right for you!

With the excitement of Apple's new Apple AirTag, and the current GPS products like Tile Mate that are already on the market, everyone is wondering if the new Apple AirTag is better than previous trackers and what GPS tracker is best for them to track their personal, losable items. There are many commonalities and only a few differences between the Apple AirTag, the Tile Mate, and even the Tile Pro that are relevant when making a decision on which to purchase.

Tracking your luggage, purses, wallet, keys, or other personal items should be easy, making your life more convenient and saving you the trouble of worrying about losing important personal items. Buying a GPS tracker to track those items should be just as convenient and should take into consideration your personal needs, current products, the compatibility of those products with your tracker, tech specs, and cost. Basically, the GPS tracker you chose should track what you need to be tracked, be compatible with your current products, be compatible with those products, that be in your price range!

Apple AirTagApple AirTag ×1
Tile Essentials 4-packTile Essentials 4-pack ×1

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Tile Pro

Before buying any product, the first thing you should always do is think about what you are using it for. Buying a piece of tech isn't about buying the best-of-the-best or the most expensive product you can find on the market. While it's fun and fulfilling to have a great well-known product, it might not be the product that is best for your uses.

When choosing between two products, it is important to look at a few key features and how they relate to your specific needs. If you are trying to choose between the Apple AirTag and Tile Mate or Tile Pro, consider the following.

What products do you own?

If you own an iPhone and tons of Apple Products, the new Apple AirTag might be the best choice in order to maintain the amount of continuity, compatibility, and simplicity you are currently enjoying! If you own an Android, Apple AirTag's are not yet compatible with Andirod, you would want to look into the Tile Mate or Tile Pro.

What is important to you in a GPS tracker?

If you are concerned about battery life, any of the products will work for you. If you are concerned about the distance, the Tile Pro has the highest recorded Bluetooth range.

What are you trying to track?

If you are only wanting a simple key tracker, and the only importance is that it is not heavy and out of the way, consider the Apple AirTag, since it has the smallest weight and dimensions.

Do you prefer tracking all your products in the Find My app—or are you okay with downloading the Tile App to track your personal items?

If you are set on using the Find My application, get yourself a new Apple AirTag. If downloading and using the Tile App is okay with you, consider the Tile Mate or Tile Pro.

What are you willing to spend?

While the pricing is fairly similar, there is a small difference in cost with the Apple AirTag at 29.99$ or 99.99$ for four and the Tile Mate at 24.99$ or 62.00$ for four.

To make the best decision for you, take a look at the tech specs below!

Apple AirTage Size

To make things simple, look at the tech specs side-by-side. If one of these specs is crucial to you, then you can boil your decision down to that specific spec! Whether it's the cost, Bluetooth range, or compatibility, making the decision of which GPS tracker to buy is much simpler with the specs side-by-side.

Spec AirTag Tile Mate Tile Pro
Dimensions 1.26 in. x 0.31 in. 1.37 in. x 1.37 in. 1.65 in. x 1.65 in.
Weight 0.39 ounce 0.45 ounce 0.42 ounce
Battery and Battery Life "more than" a 1-year replaceable CR2032 "up to" a 1-year replaceable CR1632 "up to" a 1-year replaceable CR2032
Water Resistant Yes Yes Yes
Connection Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
Bluetooth Range Roughly 328 ft. 200 ft. 400 ft.
Location Method Find My App The Tile App The Tile App
Built-in Speaker Yes Yes Yes
Accessibility Features Compatible Compatible Compatible
Requirements and Compatibility Apple ID, iPhone or iPod with IOS 14.5 or later, iPad with iPadOS 14.5 or later The Tile App, iPhone or iPad with IOS 10 and later, Apple Watch Series 1 or later, Android 6.0 or later The Tile App, iPhone or iPad with IOS 10 and later, Apple Watch Series 1 or later, Android 6.0 or later
Cost 29.99$ or 99.99$ for four 24.99$ or 62.00$ for four 74.00$ for two or 84.99$ for four

Still not sure which GPS tracker is best for you? As long as it's compatible and affordable, give one a try. Both products boast of far Bluetooth ranges, battery life, and costs. As long as you are choosing a tracker that works with your current products and that you can afford, you can't go wrong.

And if you want to learn more about the Apple AirTag, check out our guide on getting started with an AirTag.

Let us know what GPS tracker you chose, either the AirTag or the Tile Mate, and why it was the right choice for you, below!

Get a better idea of Apple's AirTag Bluetooth range!

Apple's website mentions a lot about what the Apple AirTag can do to help you find your personal items while the AirTag is "in range" and "out of range," but the range of the Apple AirTag is not specified on their website. Knowing the range of your Apple AirTag is important when considering how it will work for you!