How to Change your Apple AirTag Battery

Change your Apple AirTag battery in under a minute!
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The only real maintenance an Apple AirTag requires is the occasional battery change, and by occasional I mean about once a year. It's a very rare occurrence. While the battery doesn't need to be changed often by any stretch of the word, it's still important to know how to properly take care of all your products, including the new Apple AirTag.

If you aren't sure if your battery needs replaced, don't worry! Your iPhone will let you know, and you can check the capacity of your AirTag on your iPhone as well.

If you are curious about how to change your Apple AirTag battery, you are in the right place! This guide will simplify the process of changing your Apple AirTag's battery in three easy steps.

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The first step is removing the stainless steel backing of the Apple AirTag. Don't worry! This is super simple. The process is a lot like opening a child-proof pill bottle.

  1. Gently press the stainless steel backing of your Apple AirTag.
  2. As you are applying pressure to the steel backing of the AirTag, rotate the AirTag backing counterclockwise until it stops rotating.
  3. Separate the backing from the AirTag.

This part is as simple as it gets. In two easy steps, replace the old battery. Here's how:

  1. Remove the old battery.
  2. Replace the old battery with your new CR2032 battery.

The only thing to be mindful of here is that the positive side of the battery is facing you. When the AirTag's new battery is positioned correctly, the AirTag will make a confirmation chime.

Now that your AirTag battery is replaced with a new one, it's time to put the steel backing back onto the AirTag.

  1. Align the steel backing with the AirTag. There are three indentations or tabs that need to match up with the AirTag backing.
  2. Rotate the steel backing clockwise until it no longer rotates.

That's it! You have replaced your AirTag battery and can go on with your day! Next: Learn about the Apple Airtag's bluetooth range and how the AirTag compares to the well-known Tile Mate.


Many Apple consumers are curious about the soon-to-release Apple Airtag. Before buying, find out if the product is right for you by learning more about Apple Airtag's battery life.