Set up Shortcuts to Your SourceTree Repos Using Alfred (An Installable Workflow)

Zach Zach (248)
5 minutes

This short guide shows you how to set up access to your SourceTree repos through Alfred. While it's easy to create custom shortcuts in Alfred, the non-tabbed nature of SourceTree makes it more difficult to set up shortcuts to your Git and Mercurial repositories. Luckily, there's an installable workflow that works great.

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Alfred is an amazing workflow management app for macOS. SourceTree is an amazing graphical client that allows you to interact with your Git and Hg repositories without needing to use the command line. By combining the two, you can save tons of time in your normal development workflow.

zhaocai has made an awesome installable workflow which allows you to list, search, and open your repos. Download the workflow from the alfred2-sourcetree-workflow Github page.

Install the workflow

Locate Source Tree.alfredworkflow in Finder and open it to import it into Alfred. Select a category and click "Import".

Using the workflow

Opening a specific repo - the shortcut to use is "st repo_name":

st howchoo

Listing all repos - the shortcut to use is "st" (no argument provided):

What Shortcuts are and how to use them!
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At the Apple Keynote at WWDC 2018, Apple announced the Shortcuts app for iOS. Yet, many Apple iPhone users don't use the Shortcuts app or don't know what it's all about.