Amazon Baby Registry - Everything You Need To Know

Plan your registry using Amazon!
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Preparing to welcome a new baby into the world is stressful. With all of the preparation involved setting up a nursery, stocking up on baby provisions, and the numerous visits to doctors, the last thing you should have to worry about is your baby registry.

Thankfully, we live in a world where nearly everything can be done online. I'll show you step-by-step, the least stressful method of setting up a baby registry. With this guide, I'll walk you through the process of setting up a registry from the comfort of your own home using Amazon.

How does it work?

A baby registry is a list of baby items and products parents would like to receive as gifts. First, you compile the list and then share that list with your friends and family. They then gift you the presents at a baby shower or party to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer, which means they offer thousands of baby items and features for setting up your registry.

The benefits of using Amazon for your baby registry.

With Amazon, you get a number of benefits when you sign up to create a registry. I'll cover a few of them now: * 365-day free return on gifts This is especially good if an item isn't what it appeared to be online.

  • Extra discount for remaining items on your registry Amazon will gift you a 10% discount for final items. This increases to 15% if you're an Amazon Prime member.

  • Convenience If you and your loved ones can't meet to celebrate the pending arrival, don't worry. Amazon's platform is easy to use for everyone involved and they can still express their excitement for you.

  • No duplicate gifts! After someone purchases an item from your registry, Amazon automatically marks that item as "Purchased," thus avoiding duplicate purchases. Now you won't end up with 5 strollers!

Grab your computer and let's get started!

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Amazon Sign-in.

In order to create a registry on Amazon, you first need an account, which you can create with Amazon for free. Prime isn't necessary to create a registry, but if you don’t yet have it, you should see if you qualify for a free Amazon Prime account.

Sign up for an Amazon Prime Account

Amazon Baby Registry Page

Whether you're logged into your new Amazon account or your well-loved one, you'll be able to start creating your registry!

  • Hover your mouse over Account & Lists in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, right beneath your name. This will open up a list of categories.
  • Select Baby Registry from the List Category.
  • You'll be booted over to the page where you have the option to Create a new Baby Registry. At this point, you'll have the chance to enter your information which includes address, expected arrival date, and other gift options that are pretty self-explanatory.
  • When you're finished, click on Create your registry at the bottom!

Public vs. Private registry

If you reach this point in entering your information, you may find yourself wondering what the difference is between a public registry and a private one. In order for your friends and family to see it, the registry needs to be public. You may want to build it in private until its complete and ready to share. In order to change the settings, you just have to change the privacy settings in the Settings page of your registry.

Amazon add item to baby registry

Now, it's time for the fun part–building your registry!

Once you've created your page, you'll be redirected to your registry's homepage.

Amazon's platform is pretty intuitive for recommending items for you, especially if you're not sure where to begin. You can even use a Gift Advisor which will help you plan your list and find specific products.

If you have specific items in mind that you want to add to your list, there is an option to do so directly from the product page. Search for the item you want and follow the same steps you normally would if you wanted to add an item to your cart, but click on Add to Baby Registry instead of Add to Cart or Buy Now.

If you know that your loved one will need to be in the hospital for a period of time, consider gifts someone can use while in the hospital.

Edit Amazon baby registry

If you've accidentally added something to your registry that doesn't belong there - don't panic. It can easily be deleted or changed within your baby registry page.

To the right of every item, there will be three options. They are: - Add to cart - Edit - Delete

In order to delete the item, just click on Delete and you'll be good to go!

Amazon baby registry share link

Once you're feeling pretty good about the items you've collected, it's time to share the list with your friends and family!

Amazon offers different links to social media to expedite the sharing process. You can also copy and paste the link to send it directly to friends.

From here, your friends and family have the option to pick and choose which gifts they want to purchase, and you can sit back and relax!

Amazon delete baby registry

When you're done with the registry, deleting it is pretty simple. In the registry's homepage, click on the Menu button on the left-hand side of the screen. Then, click on Registry Settings.

This will take you back to the initial screen where you entered in your specific information. You'll find the option to Delete your registry at the very bottom of the page, right above the scroll bars that show you recommendations.

A pop-up screen will ask you if you're sure you're ready to delete your registry. This is up to you, but if you're ready click Yes, delete my registry.

And viola! You've successfully deleted your registry!

Plan your registry entirely on Amazon!
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Wedding planning can be stressful, but for many, creating the registry is actually fun.