The Howchoo Prime Day Guide for DIY, Pi, 3D Printing, and More (2021)

Makers prepare! Let Howchoo be your guide this year to Amazon Prime Day!
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Amazon Prime Day Completed

This year's Amazon Prime Day sale has ended. We hope our curated selections helped you find something special. We will be curating pages for Black Friday, as well, so stay tuned for those.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 runs from October 13-14 this year. This year's Prime Day might be the biggest retail event in history, particularly as so many shoppers will be shopping from home this year due to Covid-19. Amazon's looking to compete with Black Friday this year by planning their Prime Day to be the new start to the holiday buying season.

There are lots of Prime Day guides out there for the average shopper, so we wanted to make sure that our makers and DIYers know what to look out for and how they can get the best deals, including a few early deals that may interest our readers.

Let us be your humble Prime Day guides on things like Raspberry Pi, Retrogaming gear, 3D Printing, Robot Vacuums, DIY materials, and more!

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While Prime Day 2020 is over, you can find some great Black Friday 2021 deals on Raspberry Pi goodies and Black Friday 3D printer sales!

And be sure to check out our Raspberry Pi holiday gift-buying guide!

Echo 5

While Amazon Prime Day hasn't arrived just yet, here are some early deals you can get right now that may interest makers and DIYers:

  1. Amazon Echo Show 5 — $45 off. We can't wait to see how our makers will customize this new offering from Amazon. Echo Robots? Robot Echo Furbies!?
  2. Insignia 43-inch Smart 4K UHD — $199 (was $299). It's a TV at a great price! We had to share it. It's a great time to upgrade. They're also offering an early deal on a Toshiba 55-inch 4K UHD TV for $299 if you're looking for something bigger. Both TVs are Fire TV-ready.
  3. Blink Mini Camera — $24.99 (was $34.99). With 1080 HD video, motion detection, and night vision, this would be a great camera at a great price for your next DIY security camera.
  4. Anycubic Mega-S 3D Printer —$249.99 (was $269.99) Anycubic is offering a coupon on their new Mega-S 3D Printer for $20 off. Check out our review of the Anycubic Mega-X to see our opinions on the brand!
  5. GOOVI 1600PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner — $152.98 (was $269.00). This might be the best early deal we've found yet. Don't wait on this heavily discounted, highly rated robot vacuum!

In addition, you can buy Amazon Essentials goods like paper towels, diapers, etc. for 40% off right now.

$10 credits Prime Day

This year, Amazon is giving the consumer a chance to earn credits that they can use on Prime Day. It's a nice attempt at trying to get consumers to make purchases from specific sellers, like small businesses.

Here are the credits you can earn and how you can earn them:

So that's a total of $105 in possible free credits to use for Amazon Prime Day this year!

Deals for Prime Day

Obviously, if you were thinking about buying any high-priced items like TVs, electronics, 3D printers, computers, laptops, etc, then this Prime Day might be the best time to finally make the purchase. But here are a few tips and tricks of which you might not have thought:

Our Tips

Think small. Okay, sure. There are going to be lots of people buying big-ticket items like TVs and computers. But keep your eye out for the small things you need and use every day—maybe even the things you need for DIY projects. Amazon's even offering an early deal of 40% off Amazon Essentials products. We're going to be following the prices for the AmazonBasics 3D printer filament, jumper wires, and soldering irons. What small things would be good for you to stock up on this year?

Do your holiday shopping early. Every year, we wish we were able to get our holiday shopping done early, so we didn't have to deal with the madness of last-minute shopping. ACTUALLY do it this year! Make a quick list of the people for whom you need to shop. Then, follow the Amazon Prime Day page for the latest deals and follow Howchoo's updates on Facebook and Twitter for deals on 3D printing goods, Raspberry Pi things, and other maker-related items.

Support local businesses when possible. We want to remind you that it's okay to miss out on the unbelievable deal on a hammer if it means buying that hammer from a local, small hardware store. Amazon, itself, is trying to support small businesses by offering credits to consumers who support the local businesses that sell on Amazon (see above). Many don't, however. So go check out the great deals your neighbors are offering too!

We're stocking up on sleep now, so we can stay awake to constantly bring you the latest maker-related deals.

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The Raspberry Pi is a small, inexpensive computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the United Kingdom.

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