I know I know, you're waiting for that important tweet from a non important twit -- just relax, breathe deep, and turn it off.

Hold the buttons!!

Press up volume, power and the screen button simultaneously for a sec or three.

You'll see the normal startup image with some blue text (it'll say recovery booting) at the top of the screen!

Scroll to the option you want

This screen will give you plenty of options, depending on the carrier (they all use slightly different versions you know, because), you can do a lot of things from this screen. but for this guide hit "wipe data/factory reset" You'll be prompted to with an are you sure yes or no!
It doesn't take long, then you'll be returned to the original menu select reboot!

What if your phone doesn't restart? YOU BROKE IT WHAT DID YOU DO!!! HOLY CRAP!!! no its fine pull the battery put back in, you should get the android is optimizing screen.

Once its gets all booted prepare to re-download all your apps and just oh god everything!

Read on to explore all possible reasons & how to fix the problem!

You’ve plugged your iPhone in. You feel the familiar buzz to alert you the charging has commenced. You try to go about your day, but the phone heats up in your hand.