How to Reset Network Settings on Android devices

Network trouble on your Android device? Try this.
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If you're having network trouble with your Android device, you may need to reset the network settings. This is usually saved as a last-resort troubleshooting step, as this process will completely wipe your network settings, including any saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords. Proceed with caution!

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Android Settings

Open the Settings menu on your Android device. For most Android devices, you can access Settings from the pull-down menu. Some editions may require you to pull the menu open twice to fully extend it. You can also access Settings from the app tray.

Android Reset Network Settings

This process will work for most Android editions. Samsung Galaxy devices have a different location for the network settings menu (listed below).

Go to System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth.

Samsung Galaxy devices

Samsung Galaxy users need to go to General Management > Reset > Reset network settings.

Android PIN Prompt

When you're ready to start the reset, tap Reset Settings. You might be prompted to enter the passcode for your phone--if so, enter it. Choose Reset Settings one more time to wipe your network settings.

After the network settings have reset, everything from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth settings will be gone. Restart your phone. When it boots, you can try connecting to a network.

Forget your Wi-Fi networks and other network settings.
Ash Ash (362)
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Resetting your network settings is usually a last-resort effort when troubleshooting network issues. It completely wipes your network settings including any saved networks—proceed with caution.