How to Track a Missing or Stolen Android Phone

Find your missing device!
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It's hard for most people to imagine leaving the house without their smartphone. But what do you do when you can't find it at all?

Android users have a few options when it comes to tracking a missing device. There's an official tool that can help locate the lost phone, but also third-party apps that bring a few more features to the table. It can help if you keep your apps up-to-date on a regular basis.

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Google created an official tool to track your Android device. The application can be accessed from a web browser, tablet, or another phone. Visit the following URL:

The website will redirect to Log in to your Google account and choose a device to locate. You can see the latest location/WiFi information and even send a signal for the phone to start ringing. The volume will be turned up automatically if it was set to silent or vibrate.

Another option is to use a third-party app. These sometimes come with extra features that make the installation worth it. Here are a few apps that include tracking features for missing or stolen Android devices.

  • GPS Phone Tracker - This app's primary focus is to track your phone’s location in real-time. The service can be used to remotely locate your phone if missing or stolen. You set the security parameters and choose who has access to see your location.
  • Avast Antivirus - This app is primarily an anti-virus suite, but it comes with a few noteworthy anti-theft features. The app, of course, can locate your phone. It can also send audio and video from your phone while keeping the screen turned off. You can set the app to automatically register your phone as lost if the SIM card is changed.

If you're unable to track your phone with neither official or third-party apps, report the device as lost or stolen.

  1. Contact your carrier to notify them of the missing device.
  2. Ask if anything can be done to track or recover the device on their side.
  3. If necessary, you may request the device be remotely wiped. This may not be possible if the phone cannot be detected.

If the phone can't be recovered, you will need a replacement.

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