Apple AirTags: Getting Started With Apple's New Tracker

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On April 20, 2021, Apple announced the release of their newest product: Apple AirTags, along with the catchphrase “Lose your knack for losing things," and I have to say, I'm excited.

...the new AirTag is a must-have for forgetful Apple enthusiasts!

The Apple AirTag is the new, little life-saver I've been waiting for. While there are already other GPS trackers on the market like the well-known Tile Mate, most commonly used as key finders, the new Apple AirTags come with a few additional, special features specific to Apple products and technology. For more information check out our comparison of the Tile Mate vs Apple AirTag.

With technology like Precision Finding, Find My capability, one-tap setup, exceptional battery life, water resistance, and Apple's continuation of their commitment to privacy protection with encryption and secure Bluetooth signals, the new AirTag is a must-have for forgetful Apple enthusiasts (at least it is for this forgetful Apple enthusiast).

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Apple Airtag

Apple AirTags are coin-sized Bluetooth tracking devices that can be attached to your keychain, slipped into your purse or backpack, and could even be used to track luggage while traveling. The Apple AirTag is designed to be sleek, small, and used in conjunction with your other beloved Apple products in the Find My App. The Apple AirTag's Find My feature is what makes this product stand out most from long-time products like the Tile Mate.

"Find My" app

At only a few dollars more, you can use the Find My app to locate your keys, purse, or other personal items you've decided to use your Apple AirTag for (You can also use to locate missing or lost items using your Apple AirTag). If you've lost your keys, or other personal items, nearby, you can ping your Apple AirTag, so that it will play a noise just like you can with any other Apple Products in the Find My app. A simple ping and that 10-minute search for your keys is over.

Precision Finding

Using Precision Finding, you get a more precise read of where your AirTag is and how to find it. Precision Finding will give you an accurate direction the Apple Airtag went in (right, left, etc) and how far away the Apple AirTag is. So, if your purse is wedged under the couch, about 10 feet to your left, it should be much easier to find using Precision Finding.

AirTag notifications

The Apple AirTag can also tell when it's been separated from you. If lost or separated, the Apple AirtTag will ping you to let you know it's been separated from you using nearby Apple products and secure Bluetooth signals. This could be especially helpful if you left your keys in a cab and the cab driver drives away. The Apple AirTag would then use the Bluetooth of the cab driver's iPhone to send a notification to your phone via Find My. It can also be put into lost mode like most Apple products.

Apple Airtag

Anytime you buy a piece of tech, even one this small in size and cost, it's important to consider the product's physical limits like water resistance, the average battery life, and the protection that the product offers you in terms of privacy.


The Apple AirTag is, like most Apple Products, water-resistant with a maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes, allowing you to keep your Apple Airtag functional for longer. Keep in mind water resistance is not the same as waterproof and has limits that vary with each product you buy.

Battery life

The Apple AirTag was designed in mind with battery life. Apple claims this coin-sized tracker has a battery that can last over a year and your iPhone will even alert you when the time comes for a new battery.

Privacy protection

Apple has a reputation with a commitment to the privacy of its customers, and the Apple AirTag is no different. According to Apple's website, using encryption, the Apple products that are transmitting the location of your lost Apple AirTags using Find My are anonymous and their location is not recorded or stored. The Apple AirTag doesn't store your location or share the location of the nearby products transmitting its location to you because of the secure Bluetooth signal the AirTag accesses to send notifications.

Apple Airtag

If you are as excited about the new Apple AirTag as I am, pre-order began on April 23, 2021, but Apple AirTags won't be available until April, 30th 2021. Prices are extremely affordable starting at 29.99$ for one Apple AirTag and 99.99$ for a four-pack of Apple AirTags. So, you can have one Apple Airtag in your purse, one on your keychain, one in your wallet, and give one to your forgetful friend.

While you can slip Apple AirTags into a pocket or compartment, if you are wanting to hang your AirTag from your keychain, there are also Apple AirTag Loops Case available in a variety of fun colors and materials.

We've got a great guide to get you started with Apple AirTag setup that will make it easy to start keeping track of just about anything!

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Since Apple's new product, the Apple AirTag, was announced, Apple lovers everywhere have been patiently awaiting its release on April 30, 2021 (maybe not so patiently).