Apple News: Self Service Repairs

Repair your iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and Mac M1 from home!

Apple announced some very exciting news about Apple repairs Wednesday, specifically regarding iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and Macs with M1 chips. For as long as I can recall, most Android smartphones had some Self Service Repairs, specifically when it comes to battery replacement. Getting a new battery in the mail made a simple repair as simple as it should be, removing many of the inconveniences that are innate to tech repairs.

iPhones, however, have never involved Self Service Repairs. Because Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers can often be a far, inconvenient drive for Apple users, Self Service Repair for Apple products revolutionizes the repair process for tech-savvy customers who have experience or repair knowledge, including those who are person(s) with disabilities, are at risk of COVID-19, or don't actively have transportation. In fact, it even surpasses the Self Service Repairs that are offered by Apple's competitors. This new service option makes a simple repair a truly simple repair without any of the previous inconveniences.

But what is a Self Service Repair and what does it entail? What devices are eligible? Who should use Self-Service Repair? When can we all take advantage of this service option?

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Self Service Repair is a new, additional service option for Apple Products that allows customers to get Apple genuine parts, Repair Manuals, and additional tools sent to them so that they can repair the product from the comfort of their home. Of course, Self Service Repair is a repair option meant for simple repairs. Some types of repairs eligible for Self Service Repair might be battery replacement, display replacement, camera replacement, and more.

To start, Apple will make Self Service Repair available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Though, at an undisclosed time, this exciting repair option will also be made available for Macs with M1 Chips. If Apple customers have any of these products, they could be eligible for Self Service Repair, though the repair needed and skill-level of the customer may dictate if Self Service Repair is appropriate.

The great thing is that setting up Self Service Repair, determining if it is appropriate and if the repair and device are eligible, is as easy as setting up any other repair. Simply calling Apple Care and speaking with an Apple Representative can help customers determine the best repair for their product.

Apple Newsroom made an important point in their covering of the Apple Press Release when directly mentioning that Self Service Repairs are for "customers who are comfortable with completing their own repairs" and "individual technicians with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices." Essentially, Apple Newsroom is specifically stating that only those who consider themselves tech-savvy enough, and with the adequate repair experience or knowledge, to replace a "battery, display, or camera" should try out Self Service Repair. While these are indeed simple repairs, they are still repairs of a device that is not only important to the customer, but that costs a significant amount of money. If a customer feels leery or scared of what they may do while attempting to repair their iPhone or Mac, they shouldn't complete a Self Service Repair.

However, I should note that Self Service Repairs with come with access to Repair Manuals and directions for the repair and repair process. Customers are also able and encouraged to review the Repair Manuals before scheduling a Self Service Repair with Apple.

Self Service Repair will be available in as little as three short months, but is supposed to be available in the United States at some point at the beginning of 2022. Though Apple hasn't announced exact dates, Self Service Repair will also be available in multiple, though unspecified, countries later in 2022.

Unfortunately, the exact costs of the repairs have not yet been released. However, Apple's repairs are universally known to be based on flat-rates. For example, according to the Apple iPhone Repair and Service Page all display replacements for the same model cost the same amount; it is safe to assume that the Self Service Repairs won't be any different, or, at least, I would hope not.

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