How to Remove Scuff Marks from Your Car

John John (304)
1 hour

Scuff marks looks terrible and are difficult to remove. A normal wash and wax won't take care of most scuff marks. As you can see, black scuff marks are not a great addition to my red S2000 so I set out to clean it up, and here's what I did.

scratch doctor ×1 bottle
rags ×1

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Get a bottle of Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

There may be alternatives, but this worked like a charm.

Squirt Scratch Doctor directly onto a clean cloth

I just cut up an old (but clean) t-shirt, and it worked perfectly.

Apply Scratch Doctor to scuffed area

I recommend working in an area about 6" x 6" until it is complete, and then move on. Apply plenty of Scratch Doctor, and you'll want to press and scrub firmly until the scuff marks loosen up and start to disappear.

After you finish, wipe area with a clean, dry cloth

Clean off the area with a dry cloth to remove any remaining Scratch Doctor. As you can see it makes a big difference.

John John (304)
15 minutes

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