Replace the Plunger on a Topeak Road Morph G and Pump

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Topeak makes bicycle accessories of all shapes and sizes—from saddles to racks. What's more is they back up their products with a warranty and stellar service.

Recently while Cycling around Tampa with my pump poorly secured on my shiny new road bike, the pump caught the spokes, the plunger deployed, and the plunger bent to the point of being unusable! I promptly (three months later) went to Topeak's site to scan their selection of replacement parts, only to find that they don't offer the plunger.

Upon calling their product support line, they sent me a new plunger for free on the grounds that the Service Tech "couldn't find a price for the damn thing." Now, that's service! And this is a guide on how to fix "the damn thing."

one broken Topeak Road Morph G ×1
Topeak Road Morph G plunger (not bent to shit) ×1
oil ×1
rounded vice grips or pliers ×1

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Unscrew the old plunger

You will need to detach the pump from its bracket before taking the bracket and top of the plunger firmly in one hand. With your other hand, grip the pump in the center and apply pressure toward the handle of the pump. Begin to twist the pump clockwise. It will break free so you can unscrew just the plunger mount with you fingers.

Lube the new plunger

This can be done easily by applying some lubricant to you finger then rubbing it on the o-rings on the new plunger. You may also wish to apply some to the threads of the plunger, but this is not necessary. I've used clean motor oil on the grounds that this pump generated quite a bit of heat during use. Also, it was the oil closest to the doorway I was standing in.

Screw your plunger back in

If you can't figure this out, just buy a new one, you dolt... nevermind. This is actually hard as hell! You are not a dolt and I'm sorry for having flown off the handle like that. Anyway, take a pair of pliers or vice grips and lightly apply them around the disk of the plunger. Then, twist the pump counter clockwise (or the disk clockwise, but this is difficult).

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