How To Create Tab Groups in Google Chrome

Organize your 20+ tabs to save your sanity!
Britt Britt (157)
2 minutes

Regardless if you’re the type of person who keeps a dozen or more tabs open or not, tab groups are a new feature of Google Chrome that can make your tabs more organized. You can group them by task urgency, topic, or just by emojis (who doesn't want to group their tabs by emojis?)!

Below is a guide that will help you in creating customizable and easy-to-use tab groups in Google Chrome. Once you are done creating the easy-to-use tabs in Chrome, learn how to save your tab groups in Chrome too!

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select tab group google chrome

Make sure it’s the one you want to label and group! You can also select multiple tabs using the shift key.

add tab to group google chrome

You can also add tabs to an existing group within the same menu, or just drag them into the grouped tabs!

google chrome tab group settings

Give it a name that will let you know in the future what it is, as well as a color to help identify it on the top bar easier.

expand or collapse google chrome tab group

In case you need more space, click a tab group’s name or colored circle to expand or collapse a tab group.

reorder move tab group google chrome

Click and drag a tag group name or colored circle to move the whole group.

Emoji tab group ideas:

Emoji Use
🛍️ Your shopping carts pages
📚 Articles to be read for work/school
📝 Open projects you’re working on
🐕 Cute dog photos
Don't lose all the work you've tabbed!
Britt Britt (157)
2 minutes

Being able to create tab groups in Google Chrome is great, but being able to save them for the next time you open Chrome is even better.