How to Change Your Cisco WiFi Password

Takes little-to-no time and keeps your network secure!
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Changing your WiFi password is a simple and effective network security measure. It's a lot harder to hack into a network with a password that is random and secure.

Before you update the WiFi password, connect a computer to your router with an ethernet cable. We don't want to use WiFi for this process.

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The WiFi password is updated by logging into your router using the web portal. Visit our guide for complete steps on how to log into a Cisco router.

You'll likely need to have or find your current network security key (or WiFi password) for this step.

Newer editions of Cisco routers have a Quick Setup menu. Under this screen, you can make changes to your Wireless network.

If you don't have Quick Setup, look for Wireless or Wireless Security.

Now it's time to create your new WiFi password. Look for a WiFi password field. It may be referred to as a Network Key. Enter the new password and save the changes. We recommend using a password manager like 1Password to generate and save the password.

When the information is saved, disconnect from the router and test the new password.

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