Downloading and Adding Assets in Clip Studio Paint


Experimenting with new pens and brushes is part of the fun when it comes to learning and using a digital art program. Clip Studio Paint is no exception! With Clip Studio's in-house assets portal, you'll be able to download all sorts of brushes, tools, effects, and even models (if using the Modeler extension)! Users can search by category, paid or free, what's popular, and/or typing in exactly what they are looking for in the search bar on the CSP Assets page.

Follow along with this guide to see how to add your newly downloaded assets into Clip Studio Paint!

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CSP launcher with Assets highlighted

Open up the Clip Studio launcher and locate the Clip Studio Assets link underneath the Services tab.

Before opening CSP Assets, however, make sure you're signed in! This is crucial since the assets will be saved to your Materials under your account.

CSP log in bar

Once logged in, go ahead and click Clip Studio Assets.

CSP Assets portal

After clicking CSP Assets, you'll come to a screen that looks like the one above. This is the main home page. Here you can either browse by category or by using the search bar.

There are quite a few useful categories to choose from! The top three are usually New, Top Free, and Top Paid. There's also the Recommended Materials section if you scroll all the way down that lists several other categories such as Drawing & Painting, Design Patterns, and more!

You can also search for tools directly with the search bar at the top of the page—

csp assets search bar

—or tailor your search even further by clicking the Details button to the right.

csp assets details

A drop down will appear with various categories to choose from. I highly recommend using the filters Details to help you narrow down what type of tool you're searching for. If you are just browsing, you can also click one of the filters and press close, which will pull up all options for that tool or category.

csp asset details dropdown

After clicking a tool or category (for this example, I clicked "Brush"), you can then filter your search even further by choosing New, Published Date, or Popular. I personally like choosing the Popular filter because it brings up the most well-loved and used brushes!

csp assets more filters

Important note! Make sure you check whether it's a free material or one that requires Clippy Points or Gold to purchase! You can check the cost at the bottom of the box containing the material.

csp assets cost

You can also favorite tools and materials for later by pressing the star to the right! Your favorites will be held under the same star icon at the top of the page next your icon located above Search bar.

download asset

After selecting what tool or material you would like, you are brought that item's page, which lists information on said item, its creator, and any additional comments from the creator.

For demonstration purposes, let's download this pretty lineart pen pictured above. Click the red download button to the right. A small popup will appear and tell you that the tool/material has been downloaded. This box also lists several help and troubleshooting articles in case you get stuck.

csp material downloads

Easy-peasy! Now, on to adding it into Clip Studio Paint.

Open up Clip Studio paint and select the corresponding tool and its Sub Tool menu. In this case, it's a pen tool, so I will click Pen. In my workspace, I keep the tool panel and Sub Tool menu next to each other for quick access, but this may look different for you! If you are missing the Sub Tool menu, then at the top of the screen click Window > Sub Tool to view this menu.

sub tool panels

You can either scroll to the bottom of the Sub Tool menu and click Add Sub Tool or press the small square with the down arrow right below it to add a new tool.

Once that's done, another box will pop up in the middle of your screen. This is the Add Tool window, which will display all of your materials and downloaded items. Usually, your most recent download will be at the top, but you can also filter your search with the tags in the left-hand sidebar.

add tool steps

Select the tool you wish you add and click Add Palette.

wrap up

You can check to see if the new tool has been added properly by scrolling to the bottom of your Sub Tool menu.

And that's it! Since everything is located within the Clip Studio launcher and program, adding new tools and materials is super easy and accessible! Have fun experimenting with everything the program and community has to offer!


Do you work in Clip Studio Paint? Are you feeling some artblock? Do you want to expand your toolkit and/or experiment with your art? Clip Studio Paint's Assets portal is the best place to go!