How to make cold brew coffee in a French press

making iced coffee using a french press
Dayne Dayne (57)
Total time: 720 minutes 

The easiest way to make great cold brew coffee is in the french press. Follow this simple guide to get started.

Here's everything you'll need to complete this guide:

French Press×1
coffee filter×1
Weighing coffee in a bowl on a scale

Your coffee should be as coarse as a normal drip coffee grind. I like to use an 8:1 water to coffee ratio then add water to the concentrate. Anything between 7:1 and 16:1 will turnout great.

Making french press coffee

A wooden spoon is ideal. When covering, push the plunger down just beyond the level of the grounds.

Pour through filter into vessel

Be careful not to disturb the grounds too much while pouring.