How to Make Protein Iced Coffee

3 minutes

I was looking for a healthier way to drink iced coffee and had the idea of using protein powder as a way to add flavor and, of course, protein. Guilt-free iced coffee with fewer calories and less sugar!

Kitchen tools
1 eaGlass
1 eafork
1 CupCold brew coffee
1 ScoopProtein powder
1 Half cupMilk
1 eaIce

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Stir coffee into protein powder

Add a scoop of protein powder to your empty glass then pour in a cup of cold brew coffee. Use your fork to mix thoroughly, getting rid of any clumps.

Pour in  milk and stir again
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Tayler Tayler (41)

Since it was first discovered in Ethiopia, after a herder observed the increase in energy in his goats after eating some berries, coffee has become one of the most important commodities, spreading from the Arabian Peninsula and through the world. As the need and demand for coffee rose over the centuries, different countries began growing their own coffee crops, which allowed for different variations in the natural flavor of the beans. This spread the consumption of coffee, encouraging different cultures to create different ways to consume the tasty bean, many of which are influenced by regional flavors and customs. Many of the beverages you’ll see on this list are made from espresso and other ingredients. Espresso is a type of coffee. We've included the ingredients so you can try to make these yourself. You will need some coffee gear, however. So be sure to check our list of products coffee drinkers need, to make sure you have everything. Did you know that the term “coffee” refers to the liquid that is extracted from the bean? From the classic and creamy latte to the robust and heart-attack-inducing ristretto and everything in between, here are 30 coffee beverages you need to know!