How to Set the Delay Brew on a Mr. Coffee Maker

Want to set your coffee to brew ahead of when you wake up? This guide can help!
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I love that morning cup of coffee, but I don't necessarily love the process of making it when I first wake up. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to grind my beans and prepare my coffee the night before. (My wife, who used to complain about the sound of grinding coffee beans, thanks me all the time now.

Now, I wake up to the sound of the coffee brewing, and I am in heaven!

For this guide, I use a Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-cup machine, but these steps will work across a variety of models.

When its time to clean your coffee maker, don't forget to check out our guide on how to clean a coffee maker.

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finger pressing set delay on maker

Once you press "Set Delay," you should see the digital time display begin to blink.

Change Delay Brew Time on Mr.Coffee Maker

After the display is blinking, pressing "Hour" and/or "Minute" will change the time you want your Mr. Coffee maker to brew next.

Make sure you set the right time of day: PM / AM.

Delay Brew lit on Mr. Coffee Maker

"Delay Brew" will be illuminated when it's set to brew.

Make sure you have added your ground coffee and filled the water tank appropriately for the upcoming brew!

We recommend you clean yours out at least once a month!
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30 minutes

As I wrote my guide on setting the delay on a Mr. Coffee maker, I noticed that my coffee maker could really use a good cleaning. It was rather embarrassing!