How to Peel an Egg Perfectly Every Time

Don't get frustrated! We've got the perfect method for peeling an egg!
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So you're making that ramen recipe you found online. And you're trying to make some beautiful hard-boiled ramen eggs. But the shell is sticking to the egg, and it's a total mess!

I've never been more frustrated than when trying to peel one of those hard-boiled eggs that just simply does not want to give up its shell! It will certainly test your patience; though, even if you take your time, you'll likely end up with an egg that looks pretty ragged.

When working on my deviled egg guide, my wife showed me a simple method that she couldn't believe I didn't know. I figured...if I didn't know about it, then there must be others out there who don't know the egg peeling trick, or any of the many other unexpected but useful egg tricks out there.

I present you with the trick to perfectly peel an egg that will not only save your eggs but also save your patience!

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Eggs in Ice bath

When your eggs are finished boiling, put them in an ice bath. An ice bath serves two purposes:

  1. It immediately stops your hard-boiled eggs from continuing to cook when you take them off of the burner.
  2. It helps separate the membrane from the egg, which makes the eggs easier to peel.

If you want to see if your eggs are fully cooked before you take them off the stove, check out our simple trick to check if your eggs are hard-boiled.

  • Place the egg on a cutting board or another hard surface.
  • Apply mild pressure to the egg as you roll it back and forth with the palm of your hand. (Don't apply so much that you split the egg in half while rolling.)

The eggshell should crack into smaller pieces.

Once you get it started, the eggshell should start to peel off in strips. When you finish, you'll have a perfectly peeled egg.

Pro-tip: If the egg still gives you any trouble, try peeling it under running water. An eggshell is porous, so the water can actually penetrate the shell and lift it.

Here's a simple trick that you'll be using all the time to test your hard-boiled eggs.
Michael Michael (175)
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