Best Paintbrush Sets for Beginners

Every painter has to start somewhere
Tayler Tayler (75)

If you've ever tried to buy a pack of paintbrushes as a beginner, you'll know firsthand how challenging it can be. Finding the right brushes as a beginner can feel downright impossible between the different brands that flood the market to the number of paintbrush variations.

Thankfully, as a beginner, your only task is to get out there and experiment. You have to find what type of brush works best for you and your painting style, and the best way to figure this out is to buy brushes you know won't last.

Hear me out.

You wouldn't want to drop a ton of money on three brushes that won't serve you or your artistic style if you're just starting as a painter. This makes investing in the cheaper paintbrush sets an excellent stepping stone as you learn how to use the different brush types. Then, once you have a better idea, you can throw money at high-quality brushes.

And if you're still feeling unsure of where to start, don't worry. You're in good hands. Here are the top 5 paint brush sets for beginners.

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Artlicious paint brush set.

Best for new artists with tight budgets

Price Number of brushes Bristle Type Handle Material
$7.99 25 Synthetic Wood

If you're a curious artist working with a tight budget, this Artlicious paint brush value pack is a good option for you.

While the brushes aren't crafted with longevity in mind, they're a great beginner brush set because they allow you to test out a wide variety of brush types. So when you're ready to start building out your collection of individually purchased brushes, you'll have a good idea of which brushes you'll actually want to invest your money in.


  • Affordable.
  • They're good for acrylic, oil, watercolor, and gouache.
  • Wide variety of brush types.
  • Features handles in various sizes so you can see what feels best to your hand.
  • Great for kids.


  • Some brushes are coated in a glue-like substance that has to be washed off before use.
  • Bristles easily fall out if you wash them too vigorously.
  • They don't come with a case.
  • The brushes have been known to lose shape quickly.
Artlicious Brushes - The bottom line

Are these brushes going to be your holy grail tools for painting? Definitely not. Are they going to act as a good stepping stone for learning which brush types will work best for your painting style? Absolutely.

You can buy the Artlicious 25 All Purpose Paint Brush set here!

OOKU paint brush set.

Best for flat and fine brushes

Price Number of brushes Bristle Type Handle Material
$9.15 8 Synthetic Birch

If you're looking to start playing around with flat and delicate brush styles, this OOKU set is a great choice. Not only are the brushes well built, but they're also easily identifiable by numbers listed on the handles, so you can more easily identify which brushes you like.


  • Affordable.
  • Anti-shedding and anti-split bristles.
  • The ferrules are double-crimped to keep your bristles in place.
  • They come with a wool wrap organizing case.
  • Good for acrylic and oil paints.


  • There are only two brushes within the set, which can be limiting if you're interested in testing out several options.
  • The smaller size range can be limiting to artists interested in painting larger canvases.
  • Though they advertise as suitable for watercolors, acrylics, and oil paints, the short bristles are stiff, making these a poor option if you want to experiment with watercolor.
OOKU Brushes - The bottom line

Some of the most common brush types that painters use are flat and fine brushes, making these a great option if you want to start small and with the tried and true basics. However, if you're interested in more variety, I suggest you opt for one of the other set options on this list!

You can buy the OOKU 8 Piece Paint Brush Set here!

Benicci paint brush set.

Best quality for the price

Price Number of brushes Bristle Type Handle Material
$9.97 12 Nylon Wood

What's fun about the Benicci 12 Piece Paint Brush Set is the variety of paint brush types you get to sample. The set includes 4 round brushes, 1 Filbert, 6 flat brushes, and 1 fan brush, which means you get to sample the staples of brush types. Nylon bristles create crisp, smooth brush strokes while the fine-tipped brushes are held tightly by long ferrules, which helps them keep their shape longer.


  • Affordable.
  • Nylon bristles make for easy cleaning.
  • Wide brush variety.
  • They come with a 365-day money-back guarantee.
  • They're good for acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints.


  • They don't come with a carrying case.
  • They come shipped in plastic, which can damage the bristles during shipment.
  • The brush handles are on the shorter side.
Benicci Brushes - The bottom line

If you're looking for a starter pack that offers more traditional brush types instead of just size variations, this set is an excellent option for you. Since the back of the packaging comes with a basic guide instructing you how to use the different brushes, beginners can enjoy some guidance before diving into a painting.

You can buy the Benicci 12 Piece Brush Set here!

ARTIFY paint brush set.

Best for travel painting

Price Number of brushes Bristle Type Handle Material
$15.25 15 Elastic nylon Wood

ARTIFY is a brand that works closely with the artists who use and love their products, offering classes, guides, and more! Aside from providing a durable carrying case, a variety of brush types in different sizes, this set also comes with two sponges and a palette knife so you can play around with different painting styles and textures. Featuring a heartier glue than most brands, your bristles will stay in place longer.

And the wooden handles are triple coated, allowing you to soak your brushes for deep cleanings (you can leave them soaking for up to 48 hours!).

This is the set that I currently use!


  • Affordable.
  • Durable brush construction for lasting quality.
  • Triple-coated handles make for easy cleaning.
  • The carrying case is durable and features a pop-up stand.
  • Includes a wide variety of brushes.
  • Good for acrylic, oil, and gouache paints.
  • You can buy them in 3 different colors: grey, black, or white (we love color variety).


  • The bristles are very soft, which can be challenging for watercolor painters.
  • The bristles on the fan brush don't fan properly, making it difficult to use.
  • The carrying case, while great, can constrict the sponges, making them challenging to use.
ARTIFY Brushes - The bottom line

Of all the brush sets that I've tried, this is the one that has lasted me the longest, and the nylon bristles have held up really well against my poor post-painting brush cleanings. So if you're willing to invest more than $10 in a painting set, this is a great, portable option that will last you more than a few paintings.

You can buy the ARTIFY 15 Piece Brush Set here!

Adkwse paint brush set.

Best for a comprehensive set

Price Number of pieces Bristle Type Handle Material
$24.99 21 Nylon Wood

When it comes to variety, few do it better than this Adkwse 21 Piece Paint Brush Set, which features a whopping 7 different brush types. On top of brushes featuring strong absorption, flexible nylon bristles, the set also comes with 2 sponges, 2 paint trays, and 2 different palette knives. In addition, the pop-up case is excellent for quickly swapping out brushes while you work and doubles as a drying stand for all of your post-brush cleaning needs!


  • Durable carrying case that doubles as a brush stand.
  • Has everything you need to start painting like a pro (minus the paint, of course).
  • Important nylon bristles that have been tested for longevity.
  • Unique glue recipe holds bristles securely in place while being free of toxins and odors.
  • Great for watercolor.
  • Rust-proof double ferrule design.


  • The bristles have a higher absorbency rate with longer handles than other brushes on this list, making painting with acrylic, oil, and gouache paints challenging.
  • Poor quality of sponges.
  • The case holds the brushes well, but not the paint trays.
Adkwse Brushes - The bottom line

Owners of the Adkwse brush will definitely enjoy the convenience of having the paint trays at your disposal, cutting down on trips to your local paint supply store. While it's hard to beat the quality that comes with purchasing your brushes one at a time, this set is definitely a good option if you're looking for a group that has everything you need in one place.

You can buy the Adkwse 21 Piece Paint Brush Set here!

The softer the bristle, the better the painting
Tayler Tayler (75)
20 minutes

If you're a painter, you've likely dealt with dried paint left on the bristles on your brush. Which means you've also probably wondered: how do I soften my paintbrush?