Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Eggs

These eggs trends and tricks will make breakfast eggciting again!

If you are having them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you know eggs are a great, affordable staple in any kitchen. However, many people forget that eggs are versatile ingredients that can hold a variety of surprising flavors. Eggs can also be used in unexpected ways, whether it's for art projects, some much-needed self-care, or cooked inside various delicious vegetables.

The point is, eggs do not have to be boring! Eggs have potential. Eggs are delicious. Eggs can be used for more than scrambled eggs, inside a cake, or as boring breakfast food. Eggs can be a fun food or material used in recipes, projects (science or art), and can be mixed with unexpected ingredients to enhance their flavor and texture.

If you love eggs, this list is for you. This list will include some of the many ways you probably don't know eggs can be used, prepared, or turned into works of art. You're sure to find some interesting ways to switch up the way you use eggs in your daily life. Eggactly what else could you need from an egg list like this?

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Scramble Eggs With Mayo
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Adding mayo to scrambled eggs sounded weird to me at first, but how different is it than adding any other dairy products to your eggs before cooking? I add milk to my eggs before scrambling. Some cooks prefer to add heavy cream, sour cream, or crème fraîche to their eggs. We all know this is a common addition to scrambled eggs, but do you know why?

It makes eggs fluffier! Who doesn't love fluffy scrambled eggs? Well, Alton Brown tends to add mayo to his scrambled eggs. Not only does it give the eggs that signature fluffiness, but it adds flavor and creaminess too.

Poach Eggs in Shakshuka
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Everyone loves poached eggs. Don't they? Okay, maybe not everyone, but they are my favorite. They are hard to master and very easy to overcook, but when a poached egg is done right, it's creamy and delicious. Perfect for eggs benedict or on top of toast. I've always thought of poached eggs as the fanciest of the eggs. They feel like just the right egg for special occasions like Mother's Day or Father's Day brunch. Because poached eggs are so hard to master, many people avoid making them. I know, it took me years to get it right. However, there is a little shortcut: shakshuka.

If you have never had shakshuka, you are missing out. Originating in northeast Africa, and popular in Isreal, shakshuka is full of wonderful, aromatic spices and is anything but boring. While there are plenty of sauces you can poach eggs in, shakshuka is my favorite. Basically, you create the sauce for shakshuka, comprising of tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, and more. Towards the end of the cooking process, you create three divots for eggs and cook them on low heat. When done, shakshuka can be topped with feta and fresh herbs. It's great on a hearty toast.

Watch the video:

Make Egg Dumplings
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Do you love dumplings? I do. Did you know that dumplings can be made with egg wrappings? Chinese Egg Dumplings (Dan jiao) are the tasty egg-wrapped dumpling every egg lover needs to try at least once. These tasty egg dumplings are a big must-have on Chinese New Year. Because most dumplings are made with dumpling wrappers, gyoza wrappers, I didn't first have these until a few years ago, and I wish I would have known how great they are way sooner.

If you have never made a dumpling using an egg instead of gyoza wrappers, or had these Chinese egg dumplings on Chinese New Year, give them a try. They are tasty and nobody could call these egg dumplings boring.

Cook Eggs in Avocados
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If you like eggs and avocados, you will like this dish. They are a match made in heaven. You can cook eggs right inside an avocado, and it's maybe one of the easiest, most luxurious breakfasts I've had to date. You can top them with various ingredients like bacon, sausage, black beans, cheese, peppers, salsa, herbs, and more. The sky is the limit.

Once done, they are great on toast, as a breakfast side, or as a healthy lunch.

How to cook eggs in an avocado

  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (about 200°C).
  2. Cut an avocado in half.
  3. Take out the pit.
  4. Set an avocado on a baking tray, pit side up.
  5. Make the hole left behind from the pit slightly bigger (big enough to hold an egg).
  6. Add the toppings of your choice.

Eat up!

Fry Hard Boiled Eggs
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Hard-boiled eggs are extremely versatile. We use them for deviled eggs, egg salad, ramen eggs, pickled eggs, miso eggs, and more. In fact, I might argue they are one of the most versatile eggs of all. Plus, if done right, a hard-boiled egg is a tasty, healthy snack.

So, here's the deal: I know we like to fry everything in America (Oreos, twinkies, pickles, chicken, ice cream, tofu, and more), but this one was a shock for me. I had no idea hard-boiled eggs could be fried, but as endless as the frying options are, I should have known.

There are a couple of ways you can go about frying a hard-boiled egg.

Ways to fry a hard-boiled egg
  • Deep fry- Of course, you can bread them and deep fry them. If you do it right, you'll end up with a creamy yolk versus a hard yolk. Though, if you prefer a hard yolk, go for it!
  • Pan-fry- Slice them in half, put a small amount of oil in a pan, and fry them on both sides. I hear they are best fried with butter and dipped in a spicy sauce! Some even use them in salads.
  • Deep fry for deviled eggs- You can even bread and deep fry hard-boiled egg halves after scooping out the center, then make your deviled egg filling, and fill them once fried.
  • Spicy- You can cover them in a spicy rub like you might do with meat, and fry them without any breading!
Make Golden Eggs
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Of course, this isn't an egg made of gold or painted gold. It's really just an egg that was scrambled inside the shell before cooking, giving it a golden color, and satiating those who don't prefer the flavor of the yolk on its own. This yellow boiled egg originates in Japan, but has made its way around the world via the internet. It's been a pretty big must-try food hack.

While it seems like it might be a difficult hack to pull off, it's easier than you might think.

How to make golden eggs

To make golden eggs, you will need a long-sleeve shirt (a pair of leggings or pair of stockings can also be used) and two rubber bands.

  1. Put the egg (uncooked), into the sleeve of the shirt or leg of the stocking.
  2. Leaving enough room on either side for you to spin the egg, tie rubber bands on either side of the egg.
  3. Spin the egg, then let the egg unspin.
  4. Repeat this process 30 times.
  5. Boil the egg as you would normally.

Voila! Golden egg.

Make Waffle Omelets
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I've never been able to successfully make an omelet. It's been a frustrating part of adulthood for me. It's not that I can't get the ingredients together to make the omelet, but I can't seem to stop the thing from breaking. Usually, about halfway through, My omelet turns into scrambled eggs with the addition of cheese, tomatoes, and whatever other ingredients I decided to add to my failed omelet.

This method is for those of you out there who have a similar issue. It's pretty foolproof. It's worked for me, and it's the closest I've gotten to making an omelet without it turning into scrambled eggs (other than another interesting omelet method later in this guide).

How to make waffle omelets
  1. Plug in your waffle maker.
  2. Wish your egg mixture.
  3. Add whatever ingredients you usually like in your omelet to the egg mixture.
  4. Spray the waffle maker with nonstick spray.
  5. Pour in the egg mixture and cook until cooked through.

Done! Easiest omelet in the history of omelets.

Make Eggshell Sculptures
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We should all know by now that you can make art out of pretty much anything. So, yes, eggshells can be turned into art, and it really shouldn't sound that crazy considering how many people paint and dye eggs during Easter (if they chose to celebrate). However, I had no idea you could turn eggshells into sculptures, or that they were strong enough to be carved without breaking into dust and bits of shell.

What a fun and creative way to make something most people would throw away into art! I can only imagine how delicate the process of carving eggshells is, and how much talent it takes to make them look this lovely! Pretty cool right?

If you think these are cool, check out these intricate works of art below:

Watch the video:

Cook Frozen Eggs
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I wish I would have known about this trick years ago. I don't know how many times I've tried to figure out what to do with my eggs before they go bad only to end up throwing them away. If you have a small household, this can be particularly difficult. So, freeze them! Trust me. It sounds bonkers, but it's really not that odd.

They are good when used for baking recipes, scrambled, or savory recipes like meatloaf.

How to freeze eggs

  1. Crack your eggs into a bowl.
  2. Lightly whisk your eggs just enough to break the yolks (don't go overboard).
  3. Here, we need to ass some salt (You can also use sugar if you prefer to use them for sweeter recipes or baking). Salt or sugar will help prevent the eggs from getting overly thick in the freezer. You can add 1/2 teaspoon of salt or sugar per cup of eggs. Make sure not to brush over this step. It's crucial to get a good consistency.
  4. Pour the eggs into an ice cube tray or muffin tin for about seven hours. Once frozen, you can choose to put them into a freezer baggy.

How to thaw and cook eggs

  1. Thaw in the fridge or a baggy in room temperature water for about five to six hours.
  2. Cook as normal.
Make Egg Yolk Ravioli
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Uovo in Raviolo, otherwise known as Runny Egg Yolk Ravioli, is a delicious and unique approach to eggs, and pasta for that matter. The egg yolk is the star of this show and there is no doubting it whatsoever. The other ingredients included in the recipe(s) are minimal, high-quality ingredients that work so well together it's enough to make yolk haters rethink some things. Usually, this recipe includes ricotta, and bacon or pancetta, and various herbs.

The goal is to cook the ravioli just long enough that the egg yolk is still runny but the pasta is cooked perfectly al dente. The egg yolk then ends up mixing with whatever sauce you choose (I love a brown butter sauce for this), and it's maybe one of the most luxurious egg dishes I've tasted to date.

Here's how to make your own egg yolk ravioli:

Watch the video:

Cook Frozen Eggs
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If you love eggs and tomatoes, you will love this unexpected egg dish. Growing up, we always had grilled tomatoes stuffed with feta and basil. I loved warming up the leftovers for breakfast and having them with toast. So, I started making my own and cracking an egg in there for a healthy, hearty breakfast in the morning.

You can add whatever herbs you like and whatever cheese you prefer. It's versatile and delicious. Perfect to spread on toast, dip bacon and sausage links into, or eat on its own.

How to cook eggs in tomatoes

  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (about 200°C).
  2. Cut the very top part of the tomatoes off, where the stems are (just enough so it looks like a little tomato cup)
  3. Seed your tomatoes.
  4. Put them on a lined baking tray or inside a skillet (use nonstick spray if needed).
  5. Season your tomatoes with salt and pepper and crack in the eggs (one per tomato).
  6. Top with cheese, herbs, or seasonings of your choice.
  7. Bake for about 15 minutes.


Change Your Egg's Shape
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This is an easy way to make food more fun and less boring. You can absolutely change the shape of your eggs easily. In fact, you have even buy hard-boiled egg molds, so that you can create various fun egg shapes such as stars, fish, cars, the sun, and more. Really, this is another instance when the sky really is the limit.

Of course, if you don't want to buy molds, you can try out this trick for creating heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs:

Watch the video:

Make Egg Onigiri
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I am a huge fan of onigiri. Onigiri is such a fun, tasty food. This delicious Japanese dish is often made with fish such as tuna, salmon, and other seafood such as shrimp. Most people know what onigiri are, or have tried them at some point in their life, but many people don't know that Onigiri can be made with soft-boiled eggs. How absolutely genius!

If you don't know what onigiri are, they are rice balls filled with various tasty fillings and wrapped in seaweed. So, you can imagine how well this would pair with soft-boiled eggs, a soy-marinated egg (typically used for ramen), or a miso-marinated egg. What an epic and unexpected way to have eggs!

Cure Egg Yolks
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Cured egg yolks are one of the most underrated ways to use eggs. I'm not sure if the idea of curing and egg yolk is off-putting or intimidating, but my point is that not enough people have tried or are doing it. This is a flavor bomb, people! Not only that, but they contain healthy probiotics. They are also very easy to make. Trust me. I wish I had been doing this for years.

They bring a salty, umami component to any dish you add them to. They are perfect for grating onto pasta, rice, mashed potatoes, and more (just grate them onto everything and thank me later).

How to make cured egg yolks

All you need to make cured egg yolks is a glass baking dish, salt, and eggs.

  1. Crack and separate the eggs. I like to crack them into small, separate ramekins to avoid breaking yolks (do not use a yolk that has broken during the separating process). You can freeze the egg whites and use them for cooking and baking later.
  2. Fill the baking dish with salt until it's about half an inch high.
  3. Add indentations to the salt with a spoon so that you have space between each egg yolk (just like you would space out cookies for baking). I like to use the back of a wooden spoon to make my indentations. The indentations just need to be able to house the yolk.
  4. Put each yolk into an indentation.
  5. Cover gently with salt. You shouldn't be able to see any yolk.
  6. Cure them for about seven days in your fridge.
  7. Scoop out the yolks and brush off the remaining salt.
  8. Wrap them in cheesecloth and let them dry for seven more days.

Grate them onto all your favorite dishes and enjoy!

Make Egg Pasta
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Sounds weird, tastes amazing! If you think about it, most pasta has a significant amount of eggs in it anyway. There are also egg noodles commonly used in dishes like stroganoff. So, this idea isn't that far-fetched after all. If you are craving pasta, but are fresh out, need a creative way to use up the eggs in your fridge before they go bad, or want to try something a bit more unique, these egg ribbons are the way to go.

By making a thin omelet, wrapping it up, and cutting it into thin strips like pictured, you get egg pasta or egg ribbons. It's just that easy! They are great added to soup or with your favorite pasta sauces. They are especially good with cheese-based sauces like alfredo!

Use Eggs in Your Beauty Routine
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There are a bunch of practical ways to introduce eggs into your beauty routine. While most people know that you can use egg whites as a pore-clearing mask, they may not know you can use egg yolks on dry-damaged hair. Yes, we love a pore-clearing mask, but eggs can be used for so much more than that. Don't you dare sell them short!

In combination with other ingredients, eggs can be used as a hair mask, face mask, face wash, face scrub, hair clarifier, and more. If used correctly, some masks can be used for more oily skin and hair while others should be used for dryer hair and skin.

Here's just one easy facial anyone can do at home:

Watch the video:

Tell How Fresh an Egg is
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Ever wondered how fresh your eggs are? Float your eggs. This can be especially useful with eggs you buy from a farm that may not be dated or if you put your eggs in a different container and forgot to jot down the date. Either way, this cool technique, doubled as a fun science experiment for the little ones, will tell you how fresh your eggs really are.

Air is built up inside an egg as it sits in wait for you to cook it. So, if the egg floats, it's old. If the egg sinks, it's fresh.

How to try the float test

  1. Fill up a glass of water.
  2. Gently put your egg in the glass.

Done! The test will tell. See if it floats or sinks, so that you can decide if you want to cook it up for breakfast.

Make Breakfast Scrambled Egg Nachos
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If you like a good breakfast burrito, you need to try breakfast nachos. They are in every way superior to the breakfast burrito. They deliver. They can be made with whatever egg you tend to prefer. I've made them with over-easy eggs and scrambled, but they would be great with soft-boiled, omelet ribbons, or sunny side up. This isn't a perfect science of a dish.

It's up to you what you want to top your nachos with. I like avocado, salsa, refried beans, cheese, jalapenos, and sour cream. I even add a few dashes of hot sauce to the top of my over-easy eggs, and it never disappoints. To make it better, this goes great with mimosas for an at-home brunch with friends, and you can prepare them in fifteen minutes flat.

How to make breakfast nachos

You will need a baking pan, eggs, tortilla chips, cheese, and your preferred nacho toppings.

  1. Preheat your oven to 375°F (about 190°C).
  2. Line a baking pan with parchment.
  3. Lay down your tortilla chips and let them heat up for about five to seven minutes.
  4. Top with cheese of choice (so it gets nice and melty).
  5. Cook your eggs however you prefer them.
  6. Layer your nachos with your preferred toppings.


Marinate Egg Yolks
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Sounds weird, right? But marinating egg yolks is just another way of curing them. This Japanese method is beyond good over plain rice, on top of fried rice, as an addition to ramen or other soups, and more. The yolk becomes so flavorful after sitting in the soy sauce and mirin mixture, that it is a lovely addition to any dish you want to amp up a few notches.

Basically, you marinate your egg yolks in a combination of soy sauce and mirin, so the yolk isn't technically raw. It's cured and absolutely chock-full of flavor.

If you are interested in giving this one a try, try the recipe below:

Watch the video:

Grow Seedlings Inside Eggshells
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Most people know you can use egg cartons to grow seedlings. They make great plant starters, recycle, and cost exactly zero dollars all in one go, so what's not to love, right? Did you know you can take that approach one step further by using the shells to grow seedlings? This method is even better because it does all of the above while also giving you a biodegradable shell you can plant along with the plant itself once the seedling is ready to be planted in its forever home.

It will, with time, degrade underground, or in your planter, and provide nutrients to the soil during the process. I'm not sure a planting hack gets much better than this.

How to use eggshells as seed starters

  1. When you crack your egg, make sure to do it at the top of the egg, and gently enough that you can maintain a majority of the shell. It should look like pictured. Just do it carefully.
  2. Set your empty shells inside your egg carton with the opening up.
  3. Fill the shells almost full, but leave a small amount of space at the top (about three millimeters between the soil and the edge of the shell).
  4. Make an indentation in the soil with the tip of your finger.
  5. Add your seeds.
  6. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.

Look at you growing seedlings in an eggshell!

Make Egg Glue
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Yes. You can make egg glue. There are actually two types of egg glue, one that is edible, called sugar glue, and one that can be used for paper products and crafting. Both are extremely perishable, but work in a pinch and can be helpful in the right scenarios.

If you are looking for an edible, sweet glue for building gingerbread houses or other interesting creations, sugar glue is an easy way to get the job done. If you are wanting to craft, and looking for a quick hack to make glue at home, egg glue is the way to go.

How to make egg glue

  1. Add a couple of egg whites to a bowl or glass container.
  2. Add a splash of cold water.
  3. Whisk the mixture.
  4. Let it sit overnight.

Done! Egg glue. Great for lightweight crafting. It dries clear and is completely nontoxic!

Cut Eggs Using A Cooling Rack
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If you are looking for hacks that make egg prep easier, this egg-cutting hack is a no-brainer. I know that I have had to cook, peel, and chop tons of eggs for egg salad and it takes forever. For egg salads and other recipes where you may need a ton of chopped hard-boiled eggs, get out a cooling rack, and one by one, push the eggs through the cooling rack into a plate or dish.

What an easy way to get tons of chopped hard-boiled eggs in seconds!

Put Eggs in Soup
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Most of us have had egg drop soup or ramen, both of which include eggs in their own ways. However, many of us haven't had a sunny side up, poached, or over-easy egg as a topping on potato, asparagus, or garlic soup. Let me tell you, it is so good and so satisfying to cut into a runny yolk and let the yolk mix into a warm bowl of garlic soup. Everyone should try it at least once.

You can also whisk an egg yolk into creamy soups (it's particularly good in potato soup) at the end of their cooking time to add sheen, help maintain a creamy consistency, and add richness to your soup. You can also do this with stews and roasts. The heat of the soup will be enough to slightly cook the yolk without scrambling it.

How to add yolks to your soup

  1. When the soup is finished, take it off the heat to cool slightly.
  2. Separate your egg, saving your egg whites for another use.
  3. In a separate bowl, add an egg yolk and whisk it until creamy (make sure the soup is not boiling when you try this method).
  4. Gently whisk it into your soup.


Make Egg Tempera Paint
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If you aren't much of a painter or don't know a ton about paints, then you probably didn't realize you can make egg tempera paint. You probably didn't know that in the Renaissance (pre-16th century) egg tempera was a commonly used paint used by the likes of Leonardo DiVinci. Pretty cool, right?

The egg acts as a binder for the powdered pigments that color tempera paint. The result is water-resistant, vibrant paint with a great consistency. If it weren't for eggs, we may not have many of the beautiful, well-known Renaissance paintings we have hanging in museums today.

Watch the video:

Scramble Eggs With Baking Powder
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This was one of the weirdest egg tricks I'd heard of, until I really thought about what baking powder is and its purpose in recipes. Baking powder is said to make eggs fluffy without altering the taste of the eggs, and that is a trick I can't help but want to try. If you like your eggs really fluffy, this is a trick you might want to consider giving a try at least once. Most of us have eggs and baking powder in our homes, right? Why not go for it?

Simply add about 1/8 tsp for every two eggs you have, scramble them, or turn them into an extra fluffy omelet, and given them a taste!

Make Inside-Out Eggs

So, this one is really more of a fun science experiment, because science can help you do some amazing, unexpected things you never thought possible, like turn your egg inside out. I thought this was a joke when I first saw it, but it's the real deal, not that it's easy to do.

This egg trick has gone viral, but most people have a hard time getting the inside-out result the trick is known for. Either way, we know it can be done, even if it's a struggle. Give it a try following the directions below, and see how it goes!

Watch the video:

Make Cloud Eggs
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I love the entire concept of cloud eggs. Look how fluffy, crispy, and beautiful they look. The texture is unlike any other egg you will have, and that's a promise. If you haven't tried cloud eggs, give it a go. Have them for Sunday brunch and make it a fun event with a few friends, the family, or show the kids the amazing things you can do with an egg and a little creativity!

Plus, it doesn't take that much more time than any other breakfast recipe, and it is certainly worth the extra work.

How to Make Cloud Eggs

You will need eggs, salt, cooking spray or oil, and any other herbs or seasonings you prefer.

  1. Preheat your oven to 375°F (about 190°C).
  2. Separate your eggs (don't break the yolks).
  3. Put your egg whites in a bowl and add a dash of salt.
  4. With an electric mixer, mix the egg whites until they have stiff peaks.
  5. Line a baking pan with parchment.
  6. Divide the peaks into separate, fluffy clouds on your baking pan (based on the number of yolks you have).
  7. Make an indentation big enough for the yolk to rest.
  8. Bake for four to five minutes.

Top with fresh herbs and salt and pepper. Then, serve on or with toast or any of your favorite breakfast foods.

Cook an Omelet in a Plastic Bag

If you are like me, and you really struggle to make omelets, this might be your moment. You can make an omelet because omelets made in plastic bags are kind of foolproof. They are ridiculously easy, still just as tasty as a regular omelet, and great for making several omelets at once. So, if you have a big family and everyone wants an omelet with their own favorite ingredients, make an omelet in a plastic bag and don't think twice about it.

You literally just put all your omelet ingredients into a plastic bag (making sure to whisk the eggs first), mix them up in a bag, and submerge them in boiling water for anywhere from 10-15 minutes (depending on the size of the omelet).

Watch the video:

Add Eggs to Grilled Cheese
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Eggs, cheese, bread. Why not combine them into a grilled cheese with a delicious, runny egg? Did you know this was a thing because I certainly didn't? What a creative way to have grilled cheese, use up those eggs in your fridge, and take grilled cheese to another level.

You can even go as far as to make eggs in a hole to use as one of the slices of bread used for your grilled cheese. What a show-stopping breakfast, brunch, dinner, anytime you want kind of meal! Just make sure not to overcook the egg. You want it runny (unless you really hate a runny yolk)!

Make Pesto Eggs
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This viral trend is a must-try! I mean it. Who knew you could add pesto to your eggs while frying them? Who knew pesto and eggs were such a complementary pairing? What a delicious and unique way to make eggs. There is no way you can call this recipe boring. Absolutely no way.

This is the viral recipe you shouldn't overlook. Try them on toast. To cook this eggtastic recipe, follow the steps below!

How to make pesto eggs

For this recipe, you will need premade pesto, eggs, salt and pepper, and bread.

  1. Heat a frying pan on medium heat.
  2. When the pan is ready, add a couple of tablespoons of pesto to your hot pan.
  3. Once the pesto has warmed up, crack in your eggs (in this recipe, I am using two eggs).
  4. Season with salt and pepper and cook to your preferred doneness.


Let's take your deviled eggs game up a notch with some simple additions.
Michael Michael (175)
20 minutes

Deviled eggs are a classic, easy go-to recipe for entertaining or anyone looking up to spice up their eggs a bit. A classic deviled egg contains hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, and paprika.