How to Delete a Facebook Group

Get rid of your Facebook group for good.
Ash Ash (311)
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Facebook groups make it easier to manage specific friends and share content together. Sometimes it may be necessary to delete your group on Facebook—this is tricky as there isn’t a clear Delete button. Only the original creator can completely delete the group; admins won’t be able to disband them.

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Access your Facebook Groups

Log in to Facebook and access the group you want to delete from the Groups button on the home page. It will be in the left-hand navigation pane.

Remove each member from the group

You will need to remove each member individually. Click the edit icon next to each member’s name, click Remove member then Confirm.

Leave the Facebook group

When the other group members have been removed, click the edit icon next to your own name and choose Leave Group. Clicking Leave Group will delete the group. Users will not receive a notification that it has been deleted.