How to Change Your Facebook Username

Zach Zach (248)
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Your Facebook username allows people to quickly access your Facebook profile: for example,

Perhaps you've decided that xXgOtHgUrL420Xx wasn't a wise choice for a username—or maybe you're just looking for a change of pace. Either way, we'll show you how to change your Facebook username in no time!

And, did you know that you can also create a custom URL for your Facebook group?

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Log into your Facebook account.

Click the gear icon in the top-right of Facebook and select Account Settings. In the left-hand column, select General. Find the Username field and click Edit.

Enter your new username and click Save Changes.

Did you know it's possible to comment on your own Facebook page as yourself? Check out our guide for the full steps.

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Your username and password are used for numerous things, including SSHing into your Pi from another machine. It is recommended that you change these defaults for security reasons.