How to Change Your Facebook Username

Zach Zach (236)
5 minutes

Your Facebook username allows people to quickly access your Facebook profile: for example,

Perhaps you've decided that xXgOtHgUrL420Xx wasn't a wise choice for a username—or maybe you're just looking for a change of pace. Either way, we'll show you how to change your Facebook username in no time!

And, did you know that you can also create a custom URL for your Facebook group?

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Log into your Facebook account.

Click the gear icon in the top-right of Facebook and select Account Settings. In the left-hand column, select General. Find the Username field and click Edit.

Enter your new username and click Save Changes.

Get rid of your Facebook group for good.
Ash Ash (337)
5 minutes

Facebook groups make it easier to manage specific friends and share content together.