How to Enable Cookies in Firefox

What do you mean there are no cookies?!
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Cookies can be sweet or sometimes just too nutty to allow. When it comes to browsing, http cookies are just the same.

What are browser cookies?

If you're not familiar, cookies are little data chunks that websites use to track custom details about your visit and usage data. You may decide you do or don't want to enable cookies. Here's how to go about it with Firefox. There are also plugins that can assist in your quest to manage cookies in Firefox.

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Firefox Options

Open the menu from the top-right corner using the icon that looks like three lines. From that drop-down menu, choose Options.

Firefox Privacy & Security

The cookie options are found under the Privacy & Security panel. Locate and access this section using the left-hand menu.

Firefox Cookies Settings

You can choose from three options: standard, strict, or custom. Standard allows all cookies (except for trackers which can follow your behavior outside of the website), Strict has more limitation, while Custom allows you to choose what sort of data to enable (cookies, trackers, etc).

Select the desired settings for how you want Firefox to handle cookies.

To save your changes, just close the options window. Everything you changed will be automatically saved.

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