How to Find Out What Font is Being Used

Really love that font you found in a book or website? Learn how to tell what it is.
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What's that font? Maybe you can tell if it's a serif or sans serif font, but unless you're a typography scholar, then you'll likely have a hard time finding out the names of the various fonts you come across in your daily life.

Like most things in life...there's an app for that!

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what the font app image

In the Google or Apple App Store, search for and download the free "What the Font" app, published by MyFonts Inc.

What the Font Selected text

Using the app's built-in camera, take a photo of the font you want to identify.

What the Font Box around selected text

The app provides you with a drag-able box to select the font you want it to identify.

List of What the Font selected fonts

The app does its best to narrow your selection down to a range of selected fonts and provides you with a list of fonts from which to choose.

Browse the list and select the font that most closely matches.