How to Reset a Time Warner Router or Modem

Hard resets for hard network problems.
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In many cases, a simple reset will resolve many network issues or hangups with your modem or router. There are different ways to reset your device, some of which are more intense than others. For example, a factory reset will clear all of your custom information and restore a device back to factory default settings.

A soft reset will do more than just a reboot—this is an excellent option when you encounter network latency, have issues assigning an IP address, or experience trouble getting new devices to connect to your network.

Note: Time Warner network services are now supported by Spectrum.

If Time Warner just isn't cutting it anymore, you may want to check out Xfinity.

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Check the back panel on your Time Warner router, gateway, or network device. The reset button is usually the smallest button and may be labeled RESET.

Press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds. Since the button is small, you may need use to a pen or similar object to press it all the way in.

Allow at least 5 minutes for the factory reset to complete. The device will power back on with factory default settings in place.

It's also possible to soft reset your device using the My Spectrum app. You can log into the website to make various network adjustments from any location.

For additional help, contact the Spectrum technical support team.

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Start over new with a factory reset.
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Resetting your CenturyLink router or modem is a common troubleshooting step for network latency. It's also an easy way to start over with fresh settings on your network.