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The fastest way to lock your screen on a touch bar Mac

If you need to keep your work secure, it's important to keep your computer locked whenever it's unattended. To do this on a touch bar enabled Mac, we simply need to add the "Lock Screen" icon to the touch bar. This guide will walk you through the process.


Open Keyboard settings in System Preferences

Open System Preferences using Spotlight by hitting cmd + space bar and typing System Preferences. Then click Keyboard.


Click on Customize Touch Bar

Near the bottom, click on either Customize Touch Bar..., which will open the touch bar settings.


Find the Screen Lock icon and drag it onto your touch bar

Click on the Screen Lock icon and drag it off the bottom of your screen and you'll see it appear on the touch bar. You can drag it side by side to place it where you'd like.


Now whenever you need to step away from your computer, you can quickly lock the screen by clicking on the Screen Lock icon on your touch bar!