Retroflag GPi second controller

How to Add Controllers to the Retroflag GPi for Multiplayer Action!

Ready Player Two!
  • by Zach (177)
  • Time to complete: 10 minutes

You're on a trip with a buddy and your trusty GPi; why not play some Contra? Because your GPi is actually running RetroPie under the hood, this is super easy to set up.

This short guide will show you how to connect a second controller, or gamepad, to your GPi to allow a second player to join you for some two-player retro gaming action!


Retroflag GPi bluetooth controller
Here you can see my old 8BitDo SN30 -- I recommend the SF30 instead since it has thumbsticks.

Without serious modification, the GPi has no externally-accessible USB data port; thus, you can't easily use a wired USB controller.

For this reason, I recommend a Bluetooth controller -- however, this assumes that you're using the bluetooth-enabled Raspberry Pi Zero W, not the "normal" Pi Zero. The normal Zero does not support bluetooth.

Choosing a Wireless Bluetooth controller

For wireless controllers, I recommend the 8BitDo SF30. It contains a ton of buttons, has a long battery life, undetectable input lag, and is super affordable.

For a complete analysis of available RetroPie controllers and how to use them, see my RetroPie controller guide!


Connecting a Bluetooth controller

After updating your controller's firmware, you can access Bluetooth device config in RetroPie Setup. I wrote a complete guide on adding Bluetooth controllers in RetroPie. Use that guide for step-by-step instructions on setting up your GPi Bluetooth controller.

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