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Top 10 Halloween things to 3D print (2018 edition)

Ookie spooky 3D printed goodies!

It's that time of the year again! Buy a bag of candy and grab your filament—it's time to print. We've got you covered this Halloween with spooky 3D-printable decorations, creepy toys, and really cool tech projects.


Halloween jack-o-lantern LED tea lights

Source: Thingiverse

Created by: BlackhartFilms

Image from:

Looking to decorate that empty place on the coffee table? This is the print for you! These adorable jack-o-lantern prints are here just in time for your miniature Halloween needs.

Note: This print is perfect for LED tea light candles, not real candles.


Pumpkin Megapod

Source: Thingiverse

Created by: Vorpal

Image from:

The Megapod is one of the coolest robot projects on Thingiverse. If you're looking for something more involved this Halloween, build yourself a Megapod. Vorpal's new Megapod Pumpkin reskin is a festive addition to the project.


Spider pumpkin transformer

Source: Thingiverse

Created by: Megawillbot

Image from:

Spiders in disguise? You bet! This pumpkin is more than meets the eye. The design is really cute to look at and fun to play with.


Animated crow

Source: Thingiverse / Non-Animated Version

Created by: Danman

Image from:

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I printed, weak and weary…

A servo motor brings this guy to life as he looks around the room, swiveling his head back and forth. If you want the joy of crow ownership without the hassle of electronic guts, you can find a stationary version here.



Source: Thingiverse

Created by: Tone001

Image from:

Brewing up trouble? Contain it in one of these classic cauldrons! This design works well for storing candy, treats, keys, or anything else that fits. The designer, Tone001, includes a selection of cauldron designs to choose from.


Geared pumpkin

Source: Thingiverse

Created by: UrbanAtWork

Image from:

It’s not a proper 3D printing list without at least one articulated gadget. This pumpkin prints in one go with gears that fit and rotate perfectly. Watch it in action here:

It takes about 5 rotations to form the pumpkin back into shape.


Frankenstein light switch plate

Source: Thingiverse

Created by: LoboCNC

Image from:

Why turn lights on with a measly switch when you could throw the lever! Don’t just turn on the lights, give life to your creation. This functional print is guaranteed to brighten up the room.

Halloween cookie cutters

Source: Thingiverse

Created by: OogiMe

Image from:

Be sure to use food safe filament for this print. This is the tastiest project on this list! Make your favorite cookies and turn them into spooky Halloween shapes. OogiMe’s design includes both spider and bat shaped cookie cutters.


Articulated skeleton friends

Source: Thingiverse

Created by: graphix25

Image from:

They’re ookie spooky buddies, just in time for Halloween! What are they up to? You decide by posing their articulated bones into any position you want.


Controllable eyeball

Source: Thingiverse

Created by: Larry009

Image from:

What’s that over there? No—over there! Use this to look around. A spooky creation for a spooky individual! You can see the eyeball in action on YouTube!