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How to check your Raspberry Pi's SD card disk space usage

  • by Zach (144)
  • 2 minutes

This short guide will show you how to check how much free space your Raspberry Pi has.


Get to the command line/terminal

Open a new command line/terminal session.

If you're using Jessie Lite, this is the default state that your Pi boots into.

If you're using RetroPie, you can get here by pressing F4 on a keyboard or by exiting to the command line through the RetroPie UI.

If you're using Raspbian Jessie PIXEL (desktop), simply open a new Terminal.


Run the following command

Run the following command and press enter:


This will display the total disk usage for your SD card in columns. If you'd like to make it more readable, you can add the -h flag, which will add G and M units for gigabytes and megabytes:

df -h