vim cheat sheet for beginners

When learning vim it's nice to have a cheat sheet to refer to.


Enter insert mode: i In insert mode you can type and insert text as you are used to with most other text editors.

Insert text after current character: a



Move to the beginning of the document: gg Move to the end of the document: G Move to the top of the screen: H Move to the bottom of the screen: B Move to the middle of the screen: M Move one full screen forwards: f Move one full screen backwards: b Move one half screen forwards: d Move on half screen backwards: u Move to the beginning of the current line: 0 Move to the end of the current line: $


Delete character forward: x Delete character backward: X Delete entire line of text: dd Delete n lines of text: n dd (n is any positive integer) To change the current word: cw To change the current letter: cl