Best Comcast Xfinity-Compatible Routers and Modems

To Xfinity and beyond?
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Looking to escape monthly router fees? It's high time you bought your own networking equipment. But before you buy that new router, we need to make sure it's Comcast-ready.

Thankfully, we've taken the liberty of compiling a list of the best modems and routers you can use with Comcast Xfinity!

If you'd like to check if another device is Comcast Xfinity compatible, you can see if it's listed in the My Device Info database.

Why purchase your own modem/router?

There are many reasons to purchase your own Comcast-compatible modem or router. Most compelling is avoiding monthly equipment rental fees.

For example, if you currently pay $10/month to rent a modem from Comcast, you can buy your own -- and in 6-12 months, it will have paid for itself, lowering your bill by $10/month.

  • Direct access to control your network
  • Circumvent tech support to adjust router settings
  • No Xfinity Wifi broadcast
  • More secure
  • No monthly equipment rental fees!

Do I need a modem, router, or both?

A modem converts the raw signal from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) into something your computer can interpret. For Comcast, you need a special compatible cable modem.

A router (commonly a "wireless" router) creates a network that transmits the Internet connection from the modem, allowing your phone and computer to access the Internet. This is where your Wi-Fi network comes from. Generally speaking, just about any router will work with your modem.

A modem/router combo combines the connectivity of a modem with the wireless capabilities of a router. This is the most convenient type of gateway since you won't need two separate devices.

Since almost any router will work with Comcast, in this guide we'll cover the top Comcast-compatible modem/router combos and modems.

Best Comcast Xfinity modem/router combos

If you’re looking for something wireless, you'll need a modem/router combination device known as a gateway. These are our top picks for Comcast Xfinity compatible gateways:

Router/Modem Combo Speed Xfinity Compatible Price
ARRIS SBG7580-AC 921 Mbps Yes $$$
Linksys CG7500 857 Mbps Yes $$
Motorola MG7540 375 Mbps Yes $$
Netgear C6300 360 Mbps Yes $$$

Best Comcast Xfinity modems

These are our top picks for cable modems. These don't have Wi-Fi, so be sure to pick up a router (or combo) if you need to go wireless.

Modem Speed Xfinity Compatible Price
Linksys CM3024 874 Mbps Yes $
Motorola MB7420 374 Mbps Yes $
ARRIS SB6183 373 Mbps Yes $$
Netgear CM500-100NAS 372 Mbps Yes $
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The Linksys CM3024 is one of the least expensive Comcast modems, providing great value for the money. This modem doesn't feature a wireless router, making it an inexpensive choice.

By providing combined download/upload speeds of up to 960 Mbps, this modem can support an entire household of high-bandwidth video streaming, downloading, and browsing (assuming your Comcast package supports such speeds).

Speed Channels Price
Up to 960 Mbps 24 x 8 $
Linksys CM3024 modem

Not only is this Motorola modem one of the most affordable on our list, it guarantees speeds up to 374 Mbps! If you're looking for something in that ballpark, this is the cable modem for you.

Speed Channels Price
Up to 374 Mbps 16 x 4 $
Motorola MB7420 modem

Up for a surf? These ARRIS Surfboard modems are definitely making waves in the networking sphere. The SB6183 is a great blend of affordability and reliability.

Featuring over 370Mbps and 16x4 channels, this is an excellent cable modem fior both home and professional use.

Speed Channels Price
Up to 373 Mbps 16 x 4 $$
ARRIS SB6183 modem

The Netgear CM500-100NAS modem is an excellent choice for the router connoisseur. It comes with speeds up to 372 Mbps—perfect for all your gaming and streaming needs.

Speed Channels Price
Up to 372 Mbps 16 x 4 $
Netgear CM500-100NAS modem

Seriously, these Surfboard devices are not to be overlooked. The SBG7580-AC comes with the reliability of ARRIS' usual modems, but with the added bonus of wireless capability.

This bad boy clocks in with speeds up to 921 Mbps. Did someone say HD streaming? I think it's time for some HD streaming.

Speed Channels Price
Up to 921 Mbps 32 x 8 $$$
ARRIS SBG7580-AC (router/modem combo)

Looking for something high speed? Check out the Linksys CG7500. It comes with wireless capabilities, 24 x 8 channels, and up to 857 Mbps.

This device is on the higher end of the technical spectrum. So if you're looking for something affordable, wireless, and ready to take on some serious data—pick up a Linksys CG750.

Speed Channels Price
Up to 857 Mbps 24 x 8 $$
Linksys CG7500 (router/modem combo)

When it comes to gateways, Motorola is always up to the challenge. The Motorola MG7540 provides an incredible amount of speed for a gateway in this price range—up to 375 Mbps. It should go without saying, this is no device to ignore.

Speed Channels Price
Up to 375 Mbps 16 x 4 $$
Motorola MG7540

Looking to gear up? Consider Netgear's C6300 gateway. It comes with impressive specs—including speeds up to 360 Mbps.

If you need something wireless and powerful, it's time to take a closer look at the Netgear C6300.

Speed Channels Price
Up to 360 Mbps 16 x 4 $$$
Netgear C6300
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