How to Print an Array in PHP

  • by champphp (2)
  • Time to complete: 1 minute

Printing an array in PHP is one of the most basic and necessary functions. Here are a few tricks and tools to make it easier.


The print_r command prints human readable information about a variable and it is quite useful for arrays. You can use it like this:

$names = array('Lloyd', 'Harry');

and the browser will give you:

Array([0] => Lloyd [1] => Harry)

Nest the print_r function inside of the <pre> tags in order to get more readable output, like this:

echo "<pre>";
print_r( $names );
echo "</pre>";

and that will give you this:

    [0] => Lloyd
    [1] => Harry

If you're working on a large project, you might consider writing a custom function and auto-loading or including it onto every page:

function print_rx($arr) {
    echo "<pre>"; print_r($arr); echo "</pre>";