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How to restore your headlights with toothpaste

Over time headlights develop a layer of oxidation that looks bad and reduces the effectiveness of your headlamps. Cleaning them and restoring them to their former glory is extremely easy.


This is a good excuse to wash your whole car ;)


Cover the headlight with a thin layer toothpaste

Use the most normal toothpaste you can find. The only reason this works is because toothpaste is a mild abrasive. If it has special whitening or other nonsense, it won't work as well.


Scrub the headlight

Using as much elbow grease as you can, scrub the headlight. Add toothpaste if it becomes too dry.


Wash and dry the headlight

Using water and a dry cloth, wash and dry your headlight.

The oxidation layer is known to come back every once in a while so you may need to repeat the process.