How to install Steam Link on Raspberry Pi

How to install Steam Link on Raspberry Pi

Play your favorite games on the TV!
Ash Ash (206)
Total time: 15 minutes 

You want to play games on the TV? What are you, some kind of console player?

Hey—I won't judge. Getting started is easy! With a Raspberry Pi and Steam account, you're well on your way to gaming just like they used to in the good ol' days.

What is Steam Link?

In 2015, Valve released a small computer (I'm being generous here) called Steam Link. It was designed to stream computer games to your television. The Steam Link box has since been discontinued, but Valve recently released new Steam Link software just for the Raspberry Pi. Valve's new software turns your Raspberry Pi into a contact point for streaming Steam's Big Picture UI, putting your full Steam library right on the TV!

Here's everything you'll need to complete this guide:

Raspberry Pi 3 B+Raspberry Pi 3 B+×1

To get things started, we'll need an OS. I'll be using Raspbian Stretch. Be sure to visit our guide on how to update and install Raspbian.

Connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet.

It's recommended that you use an ethernet cable (rather than WiFi) to reduce frame rate drop. Connect your Pi to your router using an Ethernet/CAT5 cable.

Connect your preferred controller to one of the usb ports. Steam Link will prompt you about whether or not the controller is a Steam controller. In my experience, the non-steam controller recognized immediately and worked with no button mapping.

Play some games

Ready to play? I’m sure you are! Just select the computer you want to stream from and take as much time as you need on the testing phase. We want to really make sure these games can be played. So what’s another extra hour or two? We’re just being thorough here.