How to Disable Messages on Mac (Without Disabling It on Your Phone)

How to Disable Messages on Mac (Without Disabling It on Your Phone)

Total time: 5 minutes 

I recently upgraded to Yosemite, which allows you to send and receive iMessages, or Messages, from your computer, rather than your phone. While this is certainly a novel feature, it can be quite distracting and, unfortunately, the feature is enabled by default. After days of lost productivity as a result of receiving inane messages while programming, I decided to disable it. It's best to disable it from your computer so that you can still utilize iMessage's functionality within your iOS device.

tl;dr; Disable iMessage on your Mac without disabling it on your phone. This works for both Messages in MacOS and iMessage in OS X.

Here's everything you'll need to complete this guide:

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Open Messages

On your computer, navigate to Applications > (or use Spotlight).

Open the Accounts preferences pane

In the menu bar, Navigate to Messages > Preferences. Then, select the Accounts or iMessage tab.

Disable iMessage

In the sidebar, select your iMessage account (1). Then, uncheck "Enable this account" (2). Close Messages and you're done!