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How to disable Messages in OS X Yosemite (without disabling it on your phone)

I recently upgraded to Yosemite, which allows you to send and receive iMessages from your computer, rather than your phone. While this is certainly a novel feature, it can be quite distracting and, unfortunately, the feature is enabled by default. After days of lost productivity as a result of receiving inane messages while programming, I decided to disable it. It's best to disable it from your computer so that you can still utilize iMessage's functionality within your iOS device. tl;dr; Disable iMessage on your Mac without disabling it on your phone.


Open Messages

On your computer, navigate to Applications > (or use Spotlight).


Open the Accounts preferences pane

In the menu bar, Navigate to Messages > Preferences. Then, select the Accounts tab.


Disable iMessage

In the sidebar, select your iMessage account (1). Then, uncheck "Enable this account" (2). Close Messages and you're done!