How to Download BlueStacks on Windows PC

Download BlueStacks to play mobile games on your PC!
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I am a huge fan of mobile gaming. From the best mobile survival games to the weirdest mobile games ever to everything Apple Arcade, I really love the world of mobile gaming and all that it has to offer, except the relentless ads, of course.

The only downside to mobile gaming is that games often sacrifice graphics in order to make mobile games compact enough to live on your mobile device for as long as you want it. However, as mobile gaming gets better and better, so do the graphics, and sometimes my tiny iPhone screen just isn't enough.

So, I often use BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a mobile gaming platform that allows users to run their favorite mobile games on their Mac or PC. Of course, there are some mobile games that aren't compatible with BlueStacks and BlueStacks has yet to become available for Macs with M1 chips.

That hasn't stopped me, however, from using it on my PC. So, in this guide, I show you how to download BlueStacks on your PC so that you can play your favorite mobile games on a slightly bigger screen.

Note: In this guide, I download BlueStacks 5. Steps may vary if you are downloading a different version of BlueStacks

Windows PC ×1

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Go to

First, go to so that you can download BlueStacks.

Click "Download BlueStacks"

Next, select the big, blue button that says "Download BlueStacks."

Click on the BlueStacks Installer

You should now see the BlueStacks installer download and be able to click on it. The installer will then automatically open.

Select "Yes"

Select "Yes" to allow BlueStacks to make changes on your computer.

Click "Install Now"

To start installation, click "Install Now."

Allow the Download to Complete

Allow the download to complete. Mine predicted 4 minutes, but took more like 1 minute. So, it's fairly quick.

Allow BlueStacks to Start

Now, allow BlueStacks to start up. This happens automatically, as soon as the installation is complete, of course.

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