How to Record with OBS

Take a video, it will last longer.
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While OBS is known for its streaming capability, did you know you can also use it to record video? It's simple to set up and just as easy as streaming.

What is OBS

OBS stands for Open Broadcasting Software. It's free and totally open-source software that supports a huge variety of streaming platforms. If you're new to OBS, check out our OBS master guide for a complete breakdown of how it works.

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Assuming you have OBS installed, launch the software.

If you need to install OBS, visit the OBS downloads page to get a copy of the installer.

Before you start recording, you need a subject to record. Add a video source by clicking the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Add any text, image overlays, or effects you want to appear in your recording.

OBS Save Recording

In the bottom-right corner of the OBS window, click Settings. A window will open, select Output. To set the recording save location, click the Browse button in the Recording section.

Click OK.

OBS Start Recording

When you're ready, click Start Recording. After the video is finished, click Stop Recording.

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