Tired of Nintendo Switch Price Gougers? This Guy Built His Own—From Spare Parts

Surviving the Switchocalypse with $199 in parts.
Ash Ash (357)

Despite all the disruption in supply lines right now, one creative maker found a way to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch—by creating it from scratch. The project was shared just this week by a user known on Reddit as Sarbaaz.

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Source: Sarbaaz37

At the moment, Nintendo Switches are hard to come by with prices getting as high as $400 on eBay. Desperate to acquire a Nintendo Switch for a few friends, Sarbaaz decided to build one entirely from spare parts.

Long before Coronavirus became a pandemic, the Chinese parts of Nintendo's supply chain were facing disruption.

Why are Switches so hard to find?

Long before Coronavirus became a pandemic, the Chinese parts of Nintendo's supply chain were facing disruption—a fact that was forecast as early as mid-February. Couple that with people being stuck at home and the Switch's overall popularity and you have the perfect Switchocalypse.

Source: Sarbaaz37

The biggest challenge, according to Sarbaaz, was patience.

Everything from the shell, screen, buttons, and internal circuitry had to be accounted for and individually acquired to pull this project off. It cost about $199 to order all of the parts needed. The biggest challenge, according to Sarbaaz, was patience. Since every component had to be ordered individually, waiting for good prices and orders to arrive was a time-consuming endeavor.

Source: Sarbaaz37

If you're looking for something cost-effective and have tons of time (don't we all?) plus some technical expertise, this may be the project for you. In the post, Sarbaaz breaks down everything you need to order as well as the assembly process. This unconventional solution may not be ideal for everyone, but it's far too impressive to ignore. Check out the full project on Imgur.

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