Hub overview Hub is a command-line tool that wraps git and provides extra functionality that makes working with GitHub easier.
Sometimes we start writing code without managing our branches in advance. Then we make commits in master (or some other base branch) when we intended to carve off a new feature branch.
Publishing software packages is already pretty easy, so what does GitHub's Package Registry offer that we don't already have?
Create GitHub personal access tokens for the command line
Nothing is certain, except death and taxes and merge conflicts. -Benjamin Franklin
Cleaning up unused tags is an important part of Git housekeeping. This guide will show you how to delete tags from both local and remote Git repositories.
Git is an open-source version control system (VCS). In order to use Git to track changes in your code from the command line, you’ll need to download, install and configure it on your computer.
Tab completion, or auto-completion, is essential if you're using Git on the command line. Tab completion is a nice feature of many shells that allows you to complete a word by hitting tab.
I've wanted to start blogging again after a few years off. I was thrilled to find that I can blog using markdown in Vim and publish using git.
When you're using git routinely, it's helpful to know which branch you're currently on without having to type git status or git branch.
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