How to Add Fonts to Google Docs

When you want that sweet font for your Google Doc!
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You can add new fonts to Google Docs directly on the Google Doc screen. Once you've added the new font, it will be available each time you open Google Docs. Adding a font to Google Docs is not the same process as adding fonts to Word or adding fonts to Photoshop. You can just install the font on your Mac and have it appear in Google Docs.

When you add a new font to Google Docs, the font will be available across Google Workspace. This is good for startups using Google Workspace that want everyone to be using the same custom font throughout all of the Google Workspace tools.

We'll show you how to add a sweet new font to your Google Workspace and to Google Docs.

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More fonts Google Docs

In the main Google Docs toolbar above the document, click on the current font name for the document (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.). Then, select More fonts.

New fonts in google docs

There are two ways to find and choose a new font for Google Docs in the "Fonts" screen.

  1. You can search directly for the name of a font you want to add. This is useful if you already know the name of the font you want to add to Google Docs.
  2. You can use the filters to filter the selections by the type of font, such as sans serif font or serif font.

Click OK when you've selected a font you want to add to Google Docs.

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Your new font will now be available in Google Docs to use right away and each time you open a new Google Doc. Have fun with your new font!

The one font you can't add is your own signature! But you can easily insert your signature into a Google doc.

For those sweet text overlays!
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