How to Change Your Default Font in Google Docs

Prevents Google Docs from constantly reverting back to a font you don't want!
Michael Michael (179)

Making small changes in your workflow like changing margins or setting a new default font ("Normal Text") in Google Docs can save you serious time in the long run. By default, Google Docs uses Arial as the default font, but what if you really never use Arial and actually kind of actively dislike it as a font. You'll need to change the font Google Docs has set for your normal font.

We'll show you how to switch to a new default font in Google Docs, like the one we use here at Howchoo!

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Text in desired font Google Docs

You need only to type a few characters. Ensure the text is in the font you desire as the default for Google Docs. (We use Rubik.)

highlight text Google Docs

Highlight the text by dragging your cursor across it.

update normal text google docs

With the text still highlighted:

  • Go to Format.
  • Select Paragraph Styles.
  • Select Normal Text.
  • Click Update 'Normal text' to match.
new default style google docs

In order for your new font selection to remain the default each time you open a new Google Doc, you need to save it.

  • Go to Paragraph styles.
  • Select Options.
  • Choose Save as my default style.

Now, your default font will be your new font whenever you start a new Google Doc. You can also change the default fonts the same way for various headings, as well.

Expand Google Docs to work for you!
Britt Britt (65)
2 minutes

While Google Workspace provides many tools in Google Docs, advanced users might feel like certain features are lacking compared to its counterparts.