How to Check Your Word Count in Google Docs

Just press ⌘ + shift + C.
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Needing to check that word count in Google Docs for your paper or essay? We've been there. Here are the two ways to check your word count in Google Docs.

Continue to Step 2 to find out how to see your word count continuously as your write in Google Docs.

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word count in google docs

To check your word count quickly in a Google Doc, using your keyboard, simply press cmd + shift + C. On a Mac, it's + shift + C.

display word count while typing google docs

If keyboard shortcuts aren't your thing, then you can use the Google Docs menu, as well, to check your word count.

  • Go to Tools.
  • Select Word Count.

Bonus: how to show your word count in Google Docs as you type

When viewing the word count of your Google Doc, check the box marked "Display word count while typing."

There are a few ways you can do this. We'll show you each one!
Michael Michael (179)

Google Docs can be shared individually, across a team or organization, or even published publicly to the web.