How to Double-Space in Google Docs

What's better than one space...that's right.
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Double-spacing a document in Google Docs makes your document easier to read and allows for some space for notes and comments. Most essays that you need to write for school should be double-spaced, as well as MLA and APA-style papers. (They should have standard margins of about 1 inch. You can also change your margins in Google Docs, if needed.)

In this guide, we'll show you how to double-space any document in Google Docs.

What is double-spacing?

When you double-space a document, you add an extra line of space between each line of text. You can double-space on all word processing programs, including Google Docs.

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double space google docs

To double-space text you've already written, simply highlight the text, then click the "Line spacing" button in the toolbar (shown above), and select "Double."

Once you set your Google Doc to double-spacing, everything you type after will automatically be double-spaced. To stop double-spacing, change it back to "Single."

Expand Google Docs to work for you!
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While Google Workspace provides many tools in Google Docs, advanced users might feel like certain features are lacking compared to its counterparts.