How to Draw in Google Docs With No Extra Software

We can't make you an artist, but we can give you the tools!
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Google Docs has a great built-in tool for you to add a quick drawing, image, or graphic to your document. You can create text-based graphics, import images you already have on your computer, or even create a scalable vector graphic (SVG) right on the Google Doc itself.

We'll show you how to draw on Google Docs and highlight the major tools at your disposal, as well!

Optional: Change to landscape orientation

Depending on what you're looking to draw, you might consider changing the orientation of your Google Doc to landscape to make more room for your drawing.

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insert new drawing google docs

To access the "Drawing" board:

  • Go to Insert.
  • Select Drawing.
  • Select + New.

Don't worry where your cursor is when you insert the drawing in your Google Doc; you can always move it later.

drawing in google docs

While the drawing editor isn't as robust as, say...Illustrator...when it comes to making a piece of art, you'd be surprised how much you can draw in Google Docs using the tools provided. We'll highlight the major tools available and explain how they are used. (Oh, and don't judge my artistic abilities, please! Just do better.)

Google Docs line tool

You can draw lines to make just about anything. You can adjust the size and color of the lines, as well. Here are the choices you have when choosing a line type in Google Docs.

  • Line - used to create straight lines with no curves
  • Arrow - used to make small or large arrows.
  • Elbow Connector - used to connect two lines with a 90-degree hinge.
  • Curved Connector - connect two lines with an adjustable curve.
  • Curve - automatically creates curved lines around clicked points.
  • Polyline - a tool to create and connect lines to make shapes.
  • Scribble - freeform drawing at its finest.

Google Docs shapes tool

Use the shapes tool within the Google Doc drawing editor to insert one of Google's stock graphics like geometric shapes, callouts, and equations symbols. They can be scaled as needed.

Google Docs text box tool

Like other editors, this allows you to insert text into your drawing that can be edited, just like editing the text in Google Docs.

Google Docs image tool

The Google Docs drawing editor allows you to insert an outside image into your drawing, and many people may only want to use this feature. You can insert images from your computer, Google Drive, or the web. Then, you can create some sweet text overlays if you wish.

Select Save and Close when you're finished editing your drawing.

edit drawing in Google Doc

Once you've inserted your new drawing into your Google Doc, you have a variety of options to resize and edit the drawing.

  1. Resize the drawing - to resize the drawing, drag the image box from the corner or side to change its size.
  2. Move the drawing - to move the drawing to a different place in the Google Doc, click and drag the image box where you want it. You may need to add spacing before the image to add white space above it.
  3. Text Wrapping - text wrapping is how you want the text to function around the image. To change it quickly, select one of the wrapping options below the image or open the "Image options" menu by clicking on the three verticle dots.
  4. Detailed scaling - if you need to set a precise size and scale for the new drawing, you can do that in the "Image options" menu by clicking on the three verticle dots below the image.
  5. Add a hyperlink - hit Cmd + K on your keyboard or right-click and select Link to add a hyperlink to the image.
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Michael Michael (175)

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