How to Create a Google Doc on Your Phone or Computer

We'll show you how to get started on any device.
Michael Michael (175)

We'll show you how to create a Google Doc whether your own your mobile phone device or on your computer.

Note that if you're looking for an overview of all the Google productivity tools, you should check out our introductory guide to Google Workspace, which will help you get started.

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New Google Doc iPhone

Download the Google Docs app

You'll need to have the Google Doc app downloaded onto your mobile device. It's available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Create a Google Doc

  • Find and open your Google Doc app on your phone.
  • Click on the + symbol at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Choose New document for a blank Google Doc or Choose template for a pre-made format.
  • Name your new document and select Create.

You'll now be able to edit and write into your new Google Doc document.

Note: if you've made a Google Doc in landscape orientation, then you'll need to turn your phone horizontally for it to display optimally.

Blank Document Google Docs

To create a Google Doc on your computer:

  • Go to to open up Google Docs.
  • Sign in or create an account if you don't have a Google account.
  • Select Blank or choose a template.
  • Start working on your new Google Docs document and be sure to change the file name in the upper-left corner.
Expand Google Docs to work for you!
Britt Britt (157)
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While Google Workspace provides many tools in Google Docs, advanced users might feel like certain features are lacking compared to its counterparts.