How to Insert a Text Box in Google Docs

When you want text in text.
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Guess what...there's no option to insert a text box in Google Docs—BUT there is a really easy trick to insert a text box anyway! You'll never find it in Google Docs by looking for "text box," however.

Do you need a text box?

When making this guide, I came across many people asking about text boxes when what they really wanted to do was simply put text in different areas of a page in a Google Doc. That's a bit different than creating a text box. Remember that you can move text around in a Google Doc and move the cursor to different areas on a page to type text there. If you're doing something intricate with text, then you might be better off in InDesign, where you can layer text boxes for example. Whatever you're doing, be sure to track changes so if you need to backtrack, you can.

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Cursor on new line Google Docs

Your text box must be on an individual line of text. It cannot be on a line of text with other text.

insert a text box Google Docs

Here's where the trick is. You actually don't insert a "text box" per se, but you'll insert a table.

  • Go to Insert.
  • Select Table.
  • Choose a 1x1 table (the top-left selection).
Adjust the text box Google Docs

Now that you've created your text box, you'll likely need to adjust it some. To adjust your new text box (table) in Google Docs:

  • Move your cursor to the left or right edge of the text box until the cursor changes to indicate you can drag it.
  • Drag the edges of the text box to where you want them.

The text will automatically return to a new line if needed when you adjust your text box.

Two ways to insert a graph or chart in Google Docs!
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When you're writing a piece of content and want to demonstrate some facts or highlight data, then it makes sense to include a chart or graph right in your Google Doc.